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  1. Illinois MyFordTouch screen, APIM, USB - $100

    I’m not an expert, but as far as hardware, just the bezel and mounting brackets for the screen are all you need. You might need some reprogramming to fit your exact car.
  2. Illinois MyFordTouch screen, APIM, USB - $100

    Feel free to ask questions here or send me a PM. I’m not cold calling random people on the internet to make a sale.
  3. Illinois MyFordTouch screen, APIM, USB - $100

    I sold my mustang with the Sync 3 upgrade, so I have the 2015 MyFordTouch system for sale. It's from a 2015 GT manual w/performance pack. Non-Navigation. Everything works great, and it's in excellent shape. No scratches on the screen. Everything in the pics is included - $100 shipped
  4. GT Sync 3 APIM - non nav

    Yep, still for sale
  5. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Intake just tossed in the trash. I'd like to get rid of the rest of these parts. Local people, if you want the emblems, floor mats, or suspension, let's make a deal!
  6. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Bump, post updated with what's left. Anyone local to Chicago can get a great deal on some stock parts.
  7. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Post updated. Floor mats, misc logos, and stock parts are all that is left
  8. Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Honestly, this is why I sold my Mustang GT. It's a great car, but the rattles, ticks, and poor fitment drove me nuts. I can't imagine paying for a premium car and getting a Fiesta quality build.
  9. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Tail lights sold
  10. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

  11. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    It is, but if you need it shipped, it will not be cheap. It's a big and fairly heavy box.
  12. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Side markers sold
  13. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    Wheels and shift knob sold
  14. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    They’re popular. They’re pending sale right now.
  15. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT part out

    I sold my car, so here are some of the parts that I took off. Everything is in great condition. If you need more info/pics, let me know. I'm in the north Chicago suburbs, local pick up is always welcome. Most of these parts were used for under 6 months. OEM chrome badges - Horse, 5.0, and...
  16. Illinois 2015 Mustang GT Premium Performance Pack - Chicago

    Bump. Probably going to the dealer tomorrow.
  17. What factory options are upgradable from a 2020 base GT later if wanted.

    Just some guesses from me... Digital dash - $2K Sync 3 - $1500 Leather seats - doable, but hard to find OEM seats. Could go with a cover, maybe $700ish. Headed seats using the OEM buttons, probably expensive and not really worth it. Active exhaust - Not sure if this is possible. Better off...
  18. Success in orange peel reduction or removal?

    It's a common misconception that the paint comes from the factory in perfect condition. This should easily clean up in the hands of a capable detailer. Get it polished, then put a good ceramic coat on there (or clear film if you want a higher level of protection)
  19. Carbon fiber dash panel

    For $25, it's really hard to beat CF vinyl applied correctly. Is real CF better? Of course. If I told you it was real, would you believe me?