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  1. Ford Performance Welcome Kit Showed Up Today

    Did you get one for your 1st GT500?
  2. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    This seems to happen every new model of a car/truck/jet/space shuttle... maybe not that last one. But everyone hates the new and thinks the old is an instant classic.
  3. Wow! Highest Asking Price I’ve seen yet. This must be a mistake.

    I wonder if it's a manual transmission?
  4. Don't Drink and Drive on Your GT500 Wheels Like Marshawn Lynch

    He could fix those with a little resin right??
  5. 2023 GT500

    They sure do.
  6. CFTP Wing

    I know, you'd think they would use some spray foam or something.
  7. DCT TSB Update for leaking/cracked cooler tubes

    The ole' Golden sombrero...
  8. DCT TSB Update for leaking/cracked cooler tubes

    They said it was a cracked line at the port. They replaced the tube assembly, transmission fluid cover and rethreaded the rear port of the cooler lines.
  9. DCT TSB Update for leaking/cracked cooler tubes

    Just had this done. Here is my transmission leak:
  10. Transmission Leak

    Just had both my lines & cooler replaced under warranty. Because of a broken fitting.
  11. GT500 Titanium Lug Nut Solution

    Hey T, Can we get these in a color??
  12. Mod help! Decisions decisions!

    It certainly is going on. Check out the diesel scene. There are many shops that the EPA has visited and fined.
  13. Anyones active exhaust valve start rattling?

    Mine rattled, found I could lift the flapper easily with a small screw driver. I compared it to the other side and it would not budge. I then lowered the exhaust and checked the spring on the actuator. It was good. Talked to the dealership and they wanted to cut the muffler off and weld a new...
  14. Pulley Size - HP

    You can go lower, i talked to Pierre at PBD. Although i don't remember what size, they will be able to tell you. Better for your tuner to tell you.
  15. What brand of oil does everyone use? Motorcraft or nothin?

    I use a case of Bud light, seems to get everything moving...
  16. Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders for GT500

    Thats a beautiful color... Looks way faster than white.
  17. What are your favorite 2022 colors?

    Mike Dean: code orange