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  1. RUMORS ON THE NEW S650 MUSTANG!! What do you guys think? What have you heard??

    Probably not. My guess is tonight they will reveal the vehicle and tell us very little about it. The info will trickle in as it gets closer to order time. At least, if memory serves me, that how they have done almost every vehicle over the past couple years
  2. Last Call for a New GT350

    wish i was ready to pull the trigger, i miss my gt350 really badly. have to wait for the wife to finish school and i will be looking for a gently used one
  3. 2019 Mustang GT350 Configurator Now live......

    looks like they have some bugs to work out just yet
  4. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    You paying 900 for destination anyway, just have it drop shipped to your nearest dealer. Lemme know how it goes.
  5. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Here it is. Not a Florida dealer though
  6. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    a dealer on the facebook group advertised a 19 to order at 1500 over invoice
  7. '18 GT Intake on a GT350?

    too bad they cant send you a set of finished heads and you do the swap and send yours back as a core
  8. "New" 2019 Brochure Shelby GT350

    my 18 order was accepted in august of last year
  9. List of Ford Dealerships That Don't Charge ADM

    the point of this thread is for dealers that dont charge over msrp under any circumstance which would exclude this store
  10. How much $$$ will "Painted" Stripes cost?

    "New colors for the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 include Velocity Blue and for the first time, Ford Performance Blue. Optional factory-painted over-the-top racing stripes are available in high-gloss Shadow Black, Oxford White or Kona Blue. Mirror-mounted Shelby Cobra Projection Lamps come standard...
  11. PKAD Presents BC Forged Monoblock and Modular Wheels for the Shelby Platform

    those look amazing, the exact wheel i want. what are they going on?
  12. Lug Nuts - OEM for the Ford GT, fits GT350/R & all Mustangs

    thought i saw raceseng was working on titanium studs and lugs
  13. Lug Nuts - OEM for the Ford GT, fits GT350/R & all Mustangs

    looks like its 216 for the kit, doesnt seem terrible to me
  14. Sync & Shaker logo/advertising delete

    nice touches, added to my list of parts to buy
  15. Grabber Blue

    GHIG was a really good color. Saw the new Need for Green in person the other day and did nothing for me
  16. 2019 GT350 order update

    My dealer said they would order one for me but refused to talk price and they are an adm dealer so I think I'm gonna end up passing. The upgrades dont do anything for me so I think I'm gonna find a leftover 17 or 18
  17. Saving Up for a GT350

    the insurance was more on my wrangler than the 350. 100 octane was an expense i had not counted on but it was so worth it
  18. Saving Up for a GT350

    I am an LEO as well and these cars are expensive for our pay but they are not out of reach. I did the same as you and saved up 20k to put down on the 18 I had, mine was crashed and currently trying to replace it. I miss it terribly and it was worth every hour of overtime and detail to get it...
  19. The GT500 has been delayed?

    the gt500 has been delayed another year, so buy this 2018 gt350 today to tide you over and i will hook you up for msrp...