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  1. Idiots try to outrun Police in Mustang GT

    Sounds like a modded 2016+ Mustang GT, tires get blown and the rest is all cliche :crackup: Maybe because this SYNC 3 didn't come with nav, that they cant find their way out?
  2. Washington GT350 Chin Spoiler BNIB

    Still in original packaging, Comes with the corner rocker wings/flaps and bolts, 350 shipped This is the non-R front chin spoiler.
  3. Ford Halts Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT350R Sales For Oil Cooler Defect

    Ford says that roughly 8000 Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R models are affected by the recall, which applies to vehicles built between February 24, 2015 and August 30, 2016. The automaker says improperly crimped engine oil cooler tube assemblies can separate, causing massive oil loss and a...
  4. Retrofitting 18 console into GT350

    As we all know the hard plastic in the center is very tacky I decided to swap mine for the soft touch in premium models.. is my part number right? any fitment issues I might run into? JR3Z-63044-E50AB
  5. FS: 2018 GT350 Remote keyfob new

    Guys I'm gonna leave this ad up for 10 days if it won't sell I'll spend the fee to programme with my car and get a uncut key. BRAND NEW - 2018 GT350 remote keyfob new design, not available for purchase yet, selling because I don't feel like paying Ford $65 to programme it. 315Mhz 4-button, OE...
  6. 1966 GT350-H Lego RC replica great detail
  7. NEW 2018 GT350 Key Fob facelift

    Guys thanks to Joe on fb for sharing his new keyfob (shoutout to him if he's here, congrats on the R buddy) I just had to post it here to show what it looks like :headbang:(same part as the late fusion and edges)
  8. Michelin Pilot PA4 (winters) fitment on GT350 stock rims

    Straight-forward question: (for rears) will 295/40/19 tires(winter) be enough sidewall height to make up for the width of stock size 305/35/19? TIA
  9. Is this normal water escape route? or warranty issue? (video)

    no desc needed here video says it all im speechless I dont remember it being like this:frusty: [ame]
  10. Z06 Owners Hit GM with Proposed Class-Action Lawsuit for Limping on Track

    Remember the class action lawsuit GT350 took vs Ford for tech packs going into limp mode? well this time its GM getting sued :lol:
  11. sold:2016 GT350 Tech Spoiler

    For sale is my beloved tech spoiler oem from my tech pack Shelby in great condition. Car is garage kept. Had it taken off very carefully at 4k miles. Comes with the 4 bolts (tabs are not broken either). Needs 3M tape, $180 shipped :)
  12. FS: Oem Mustang puddle lamp 2015+ driver side

    Came off a 2015 Mustang where the driver backed into a pillar and broke the mirror and housing, the lamp was dangling and it works.. I believe the part number is whats on the top "621663AA"?:shrug: we all know a guy who had water damage so hopefully someone finds this listing:lol: $20
  13. Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud

    Hagens Berman: Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners File New Class Action Lawsuit Against Ford for Fraud and Breach of Warranty Claims Relating to Limp Mode Defect DEFENDANT NAME: Ford Motor Company CASE NUMBER: 1:17-cv-21087-XXXX...
  14. Ford Customer Satisfaction Program 17B04 Announcement March 18

    PROGRAM TERMS This program will be in effect through November 30, 2017. There is no distance limit for this program. REASON FOR THIS PROGRAM In the affected vehicles, the engine is equipped with an oil filter assembly (Motorcraft part number FL-2069-ST) engineered to be tightened to 22-24 Nm...
  15. PDF: Ford's Guide to check panel gaps!

    Don't know if anyone shared it already :headbang:
  16. MensHealth: The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Is the Best Sounding Muscle Car

    "This stupid-fast coupe will make violent love to your earhole" The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R has a set of $475 racing stripes that look as though they were adhered to its Grabber Blue body by a middle schooler prepping a science fair poster. Surrounding its grippy Recaro seats and...
  17. About GT350 oem track spoiler Hi Mike I haven't forgotten about this, waiting on couple friends here for a group buy, could you double check for us that this does infact come primer and clearcoat painted ready-to-install? pictures would be great if...
  18. Whats the part number on this ford part?

    Hey guys Im looking for the bulb type for the puddle light under the mirror? 2007 explorer xlt thanks :thumbsup:
  19. GT350R Liquid Blue 1/18 scale model now available HOT!!

    I think I might go for one, looks like driver side tail light is out of whack but who cares its liquid blue :shrug::headbang:
  20. Sitewide Discount code available?

    Im looking for a discount code I can use, "RP15" didnt work, anything current thats also 15-20% off?:cheers: