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  1. Texas Racelouvers RT Trim center vent.

    No longer have car. Include hardware. $210 shipped.
  2. Texas 2016 GTPP CAMC/HPDE CAR

    For Sale 2016 Mustang GT PP 82k miles Setup for SCCA CAMC class/HPDE. Fully streetable, registered/insured Clear title Accident-free $26000 Drivetrain: Valve springs replaced 2018 2018 GT Intake Manifold GT350 CAI Lund Tune Billet Oil Pump Gears MGW shifter Exedy Hyper Single clutch...
  3. Corbeau sest, Sparco mount will it work?

    Anyone know if corbeau bottom mount seat will bolt up to sparco slider and base?
  4. 3" cats (with long tubes)

    I have a set of TSP 1/7-8 headers and I need some cats. What do you folks recommend. Need 3" in/out. Thanks.
  5. Autocross aero project upcoming

    In preparation for next season, I'm going to tackle some aero mods in the next couple of months. Plan is for a splitter out of 1/2" birch plywood and a spoiler out of Lexan both of which will meet CAMC rules. The splitter will be removable for street driving and I'm going to get a different...
  6. Texas Mike Maier Inc rear spring perches

    I have a set of MMI rear adjustable spring perches that allow 2.5" coilover springs to be used in stock mounting spots and allow easy ride height adjustment. As seen here...
  7. Corner Balancing----worth the effort?

    I have installed a set of MCS doubles for my CAMC car. Car tracks fine, but I now I need an alignment. Should I take advantage of the fact that I shouldn't have to change the suspension for anything else and get a corner balance too? If I NEED adjustable endlinks for the rear or can...
  8. Has anyone installed a Sparco Chrono (street) seat ?

    I am looking at possibly buying a Sparco Chrono street seat. I have done the whole rollbar, fixed back, 6 point harness thing and got tired of that when I went back to autocross from track days. Until I buy a trailer (if I buy a trailer), I load my tires in the back seat and trunk of the car...
  9. SR Performance adj rear sway bar

    Anyone have any information on this bar? Rates? Rebranded? Anyone use it? Currently on clearance for under $130 from AM.
  10. Texas WTB Vorshlag camber plstes for coilovers.

    Looking for a set. Let me know what's out there.
  11. Determining ride height.

    Setting car up for next year. 2016 Mustang GT 305/30/19 tires Coilovers (divorced rear with MMI adjusters) Trying to get a ballpark for ride heights. I measured my wife's stock gtpp From bottom wheel lip to fender is 25.75F and 25.5 rear. Mine is 24.5F and 24.75R From pinch weld I'm...
  12. Texas BMR Adj Front Swaybar Endlinks

    $130 shipped 3 months old
  13. BC Racing, Megan, Pedders, etc users....what adjustable front endlinks are you using

    I have Pedders (same physical dimensions as the others listed) and using my BMR adjustable front end links, the bar rotates so far down it comes very close to touching the tension link at ride height and may touch at full droop. The link provided by Pedders is 7.5" long and the BMR has to be a...
  14. Anyone using an OMP WRC-R XL seat for DE/autocross?

    I'm considering this seat. It gets great reviews and based on dimensions it should fit, just wondering if anyone ran into any problems with one. My current seat is not the most comfortable after an hour.
  15. Texas FS: J&M caster bearings brand new.

    Brand new. Red. $160
  16. Front control arm bearing/arm twist

    Anyone experience this? This has happened on LF 2x now. RF is fine. I can pry it back into upright position. Bearings/arms are Steeda pieces. I've contacted them a d awaiting word. Anyone else experience this?
  17. Borla 60661 added to TSP/MBRP Street combo

    After having catless headers installed, I hated my exhaust tone. Rasp and drone increased significantly. I recently started autocrossing and had to quiet the car for SCCA events. Here is the result. Before was a mean sounding track car. Now, the car sounds perfect.
  18. Bullet resonators and MBRP cat back?

    ANyone try this? I grew tired of the rasp with MBRP street system; and it got worse with catless long tubes. I'm thinking of adding some bullet resonators (Vibrant 1794 or equivalent). Anyone try it? Video clips?
  19. Texas FS: 18x11 ET52 Apex EC7 wheels and 305 NT01s (set)

    I have a set of 18x11 Apex EC7 wheels and NT01's that have a few more track days left on them. Asking 1300 OBO. Local pickup in Houston area. May split distance for local delivery with deposit.
  20. First Autocross in 10 years--CAM C--2nd place over all Camaros.

    Let me preface this by saying that I've been a track rat for about 3 years with this car. I have hundreds of laps with it in all configurations and changes over that time. I decided to give autocross another shot after a long absence so I attended my first event with Houston SCCA on Saturday...