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  1. R rim - anyone ever have this happen?

    I don’t know if a rock got caught but saw this after i cleaned the rim. Didn’t hear any kind of odd noise. It goes around the whole circumference of the rim. Anyone else have something similar?
  2. GT350R Squeaking noise from rear

    I have a 2017 GT350R. Recently I’ve been hearing loud squeaking coming from the rear. Maybe the driver side rear wheel. It seems to only occur when the car is first moving. Once it’s warmed up, maybe 5 minutes of driving, it seems to go away. I thought a stone might have been stuck somewhere but...
  3. Gt350R wide body?

    Anyone know what the story is with this gt350R? Its at the shelby American shop in Las Vegas.
  4. GT350R Red Badge emblem sign

    Not sure if anyone saw this or not but I thought it was cool. Basically a large sign of the red front shelby gt350R badge.
  5. Exposed carbon fiber R wheels.....possible?

    I was just wondering this the other day while cleaning the brake dust off of the R rims. Would it be possible to have someone remove the finish from the rims so that they would just be exposed carbon fiber? Anyone know of a company that might have done this? Is it even possible?
  6. AmericanMuscle Mustang Show

    Is anyone going to this? Im in the lehigh valley area of PA if anyone wants to meet up and head down
  7. Brake Dust

    Has anyone ever had a car that generated so much brake dust? I mean it covers the whole side of the car in fine black dust. Does the base 350 also have this issue? I take my car out, its spotless before the drive, then after about 30-40 minutes of driving when I get home the dust is...
  8. Gt350 - Gt350R truck lid

    Anyone notice fine scratches or swirl marks on the black portion of the trunk lid where the red gt350 logo is? My car is fairly new (900 miles) and have been using a microfiber towl with adam’s detail spray to wipe it off on occasion.
  9. Gt350r front rims white on the inner part

    Why do the front rims have a whitish look on the inner part of the rim? The rears are not like that. Just curious
  10. Question for GT350R owners

    Has everyone paid an ADM to buy one of these? Has anyone got one at MSRP? If so how did that happen? Did you have a hookup at a dealership? Im just wondering because ive been looking for a while now, calling dealerships all throughout our great nation and the best i can do is $78000. Is that...
  11. WTB: 2016-2017 GT350R

    I'm looking for a new or used Shelby GT350R. I want it to have stripes. My preference for the main colors of the car are blue (darker blue rather than grabber), black, white. I am definitely not interested in ruby red. I would entertain yellow if it had stripes. I'd like to stay around the...