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  1. Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information

    google has been tracking me since 2006 its good to have another company that cares where I am lol
  2. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    my question about this updating is I'm running v3.0.30204 (I dont get complimentary update) if I pay once this one time just to get a license file along with 2-20, can I use that file in the future with a donor complimentary update?
  3. We have a new Sync 3 Map Update

    If anyone needs a road added or their neighbourhood or a p parking lot that isn't in 2-20 just take a shot of the area on sync3 screen and I'll add it on maps database as I have aerial view :)
  4. The MOST valuable GT350 in the world…

    its obviously a sticker..someone with a signature like that would put on auction not on sale for $55k
  5. If Engine Replaced, Did You Keep Original Engine?

    it aint a keychain man why would they let you keep it?
  6. Engine issues in 2019-2020

    I had my 2016 for 3 weeks at 1995 miles my oil pump seized..first owner too
  7. New SYNC is available to download

    are maps free of charge now?
  8. GT350 toys and models

    could i get the link for this blue one?
  9. New 2019 Ford Mustang GT350 (first owner)

    if you change the rims or spoiler i have dibs :)
  10. What is this?

    could you type the part number? im curious too
  11. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    I was hoping Sync3 would give us an update with the blue theme without going to 3.4 version
  12. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    New version came out last week, did anyone try this yet?
  13. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    the tow truck came and took it to the dealership, gave me a free rental truck for 45 days (f150) and the crate engine (long block) came in from michigan and the tech swapped it out.
  14. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    mine happened one saturday morning in the garage after a cold start: my oil pump seized and wrecked it..never taken it to the track
  15. It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    not surprised after failing to fix the engine problem that everyone is having..its starting to add take away their profits..
  16. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    my buddy just used a site to update to 3.4 and 1.19 maps on his fusion sport, it worked wonderfully
  17. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    I think 2016-2017s are maxed out at this version meanwhile newest version is up to 3.4
  18. Strange Engine Bay Rattle

    is it still there in neutral? theres another problem Im hearing...its that the nav voice is british and it doesnt match the spirit of that GT350
  19. 2019 Adjustable Camber Plates - Cluster $$#%[email protected]

    mines a 2016 GT350 should I have gotten one of these?