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  1. Mustang GT PP1 2020 worse to using octan 100 ?

    IF your "93" octane gas is anything like what I have experienced, you could have some knock even with factory mapping. I would assume that running "100" would help guarantee that you will at least make what the engine is rated for. But again, that assumes "poor" quality 93. Only way to...
  2. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Heres a 16-18 14-15 10-13 What have I left out? Still no comparison.
  3. What you think of the new Mustang?

    What do you mean? Thats a GT vs current Camaro??
  4. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Im sorry, I just dont see it. Perhaps the side profiles share some general angularity but thats about it, definately not the headlights: To me they look NOTHING alike. Nor do the front or rears of the cars.
  5. Exhaust/Steering effort toggles EDIT:

    (I had mistakenly stated 300a and I meant 301a) I know this is probably not possible or not possible without significant resources/research but does anyone know if it’s possible to swap the GT350 toggle set in to a 301a. It looks like the steering effort adjustment would have to be moved to a...
  6. What is the difference between track mode and drag mode?

    To elaborate on that, as I understand it, timing retard between shifts is either eliminated or greatly reduced which contributes to the more aggressive feeling shift and better ET's. I dont know if their is a corresponding increase in line pressure for gear changes.
  7. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    wtb6mtv8rwd Posted this a while back. wtb6mtv8rwd
  8. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    Where did it go?
  9. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    I would not agree with what he said. My 4.09's are quiet. MAYBE a slight bit around 45mph but thats it. Wouldn't know there was a different set in it.
  10. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    I do agree with the "there is little hope.." part for me.:frown:
  11. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    Yah, I've had Kooks LT's and the JLT and I wasn't impressed either way. That was with an A10. Im sure it pulled harder and made more up top but I dont spend alot of time up there and it "seemed" to have a more negative impact on lower RPM response/torque. I'm talking under 3k here. I wouldn't...
  12. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    Apparently some folks experience this differently so I don't want to paint a broad brush. Objectively speaking, Im sure it is faster. I guess folks just experience that to greater or lesser degrees. But knowing what I know now, If it were me and I had 3.73's, I would not spend the money...
  13. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    I did see your post but not after I was already knee deep in it. I've only driven it to work once since the install so I'm sure I will appreciate it more in time. Just not the SOTP that I expected. Thank you for the input!!
  14. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    Just had mine installed. I know I am in the minority here but it just doesn't feel all that different to me. I admit I am a little disappointed. In 1st and 2nd at lower engine speeds, I just cant tell any difference or very little. It does seem like it gets through the gears quicker with...
  15. Noisy Ring & Pinion

    Interesting, thank you for the input!
  16. Differential Question...

    20 GT NON-PP MT-82. Iron housing 3.55 gears from factory. Pulled mine for 4.09's.
  17. Noisy Ring & Pinion

    Just out of curiosity, does the aluminum/auto vs iron/manual housings have any impact on this? There was a gentleman who has been professionally installing gears for most of his life that shared with me that, in his experience, the aluminum housings seem to experience more issues than the iron...
  18. KONA BLUE S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Thank you! Umm, thats a negative! But maybe for the wheels?😁
  19. Virginia OEM PP1 Wheels and Tires

    PM sent