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  1. Edmunds' Long-Term Review: Our 2020 Shelby GT500 Has Quietly Covered 20K Miles and Loudly Passed Pretty Much Everything Else

    Acquired my new '21 in May of "21, and I'm rapidly closing in on 21,000 miles and surprise... just had my trans-cooler replaced for a leak.
  2. 2018 Mustang passenger side lights don't come on, blinkers work though

    Do you have your lights on “auto”? Mine were and while troubleshooting I rotated through that switch several times, and have not been able to duplicate the anomaly since.
  3. 2018 Mustang passenger side lights don't come on, blinkers work though

    Very interesting... just had my passenger rear not nada nothing on running, blinker or brake...until I accidentally hit the wiper switch! then all came back even with the wiper off. Oh yeah, I had to see that again. Restarted the car, no lights, hit the wipers and the lights are...
  4. New 2021 GT500 - thoughts on break-in

    Drove mine to work twice, then to the shop for xpel, then a roadtrip from SoCal to Rapid City SD and back. Picked up on May 4th and I'm at 11,400 now I love driving this car!
  5. My New 2021

    Very cool; you'll always be smiling behind the wheel and glancing back for one last look after you park. Enjoy.
  6. What is your favorite driving mode?

    I hear the Springsteen line "...but Mama, That's where the fun is..."
  7. What is your favorite driving mode?

    MyMode is set to primarily Sport with Track exhaust; however, after prepping for and attending the Track Attack at Charlotte, I’m now in Track most of the time.
  8. Explosive Acceleration?

    Update: Dealership didn’t want to deal with it, but a quick call to Ford Customer Service resulted in full reimbursement. In contrast to the dealership, Ford didn’t challenge it at all, probably banking on customer satisfaction being worth far more than a rear window. Windows popping under...
  9. Completely Turning Off Traction Control?

    Completely agree; his car, his actions, and as long as he isn’t hurting anyone then it’s his show. and yeah, nod nod wink wink, these cars are amazingly wicked sans nannies
  10. Explosive Acceleration?

  11. Exploding Window Music

    Window defect, but got me curious about what others drivers would blast out their window to
  12. Explosive Acceleration?

    Out here in SoCal, triple digit weather, triple digit speed, and a 40+ degree swing in day/night temps aren't uncommon; fortunately exploding rear windows are...
  13. Exploding Window Music

    My rear window did a spontaneous shatter the other morning while I was driving about 85 and listening to Godsmack. Got me thinking… “I Stand Alone” was playing, although “1000hp” would have been fitting. Question to all, What music would you be playing to shatter windows by?
  14. Explosive Acceleration?

    Gotta be some defect so I'll press for warranty; worst they can say is no.
  15. Explosive Acceleration?

    I'll be in contact with the dealer today to press for warranty reimbursement; had to be a defect in either the glass or install. I was very fortunate in that A1 Glass out of Colton had one available and was out to me in less than an hour.
  16. Explosive Acceleration?

    No shot; actually had that happen years back in a G35 coupe (hit the frame just past the rear quarter window... amateur just didn't know how to lead the shot), that one was extremely loud. This was just a spontaneous shatter; loud and weird. and it doesn't matter how much you vacuum, you still...
  17. Explosive Acceleration?

    Yeah, the car is quick, but damn… Was doing mid-80’s, listening to some Godsmack, and the rear window went boom and completely shattered. Collapsed as soon as I stopped. Nothing impacted, just shattered.
  18. GT500 Dealership Oil Change Cost

    Same here
  19. GT500 Dealership Oil Change Cost

    $180-200 is right; 11.5 quarts of 50w kicks the price. You do want to make sure that whomever is touching your car is qualified otherwise they could make a mess of your undercarriage when changing the filter.
  20. Something different from the norm…

    Badass look to it, bro.