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    UPDATE 6-27... Cool It wrapping removed... one of the best un-tuned intakes I tested. My son and grandson have them. big volume, big filter. See new photo.......... FOR SALE; Injen Evolution EVO9202 for 2018-2021 GT 5.0. original box and instructions. Bottom side wrapped with "Cool It" thermo...
  2. RACE RED S550 MUSTANG Thread

    My race red Bullit oem covers
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the Bullit engine covers, paint them red red. Lot better than the GT's
  4. Interior odor

    use an ozone generator for 2 minutes with the a/c on....fully desinfected and odor free!
  5. Passenger side digital dash

    who is the first one? I'll like a review... This one is a US supplier, but $100 more....
  6. Outside of North America FS APEX SM-10 19X10 WHEELS

    FS apex SM-10, 19x10 with apex center caps. Used less than 1000 miles.... $1400 plus shipping....
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Install my Injen ! nice design!
  8. Magneride limitation or problem

    I got tired of the noises and strange behaviors, so I converted to a regular PP1 suspension, with "minimal drop" springs from steeda. Now I'm happy with it. I think, the program of the module it's not fully developed for all conditions. Xineering LLc sell the "similulators" so the computer...
  9. Removing hood liner?

    After reading this thread I decided to remove my liner... Looks a lot cleaner! no pony on '18s! Also I modify with my dremel, the plastic cover under the 2 hood vents to make easier the hot air to exit. the hole in the hood is really small so anything helps. ceramic coating under the hood is...
  10. Wrapping plastic pieces with Alcantara

    JNK NETWORKS Variety Silky Suede Wrap Sticker Decal Sheet(Black, 39.3" x 55") @ amazon...
  11. Set quiet exhaust with mymode?

    The way I did it, is to set quiet mode hours at 24 hrs, from 5am to 5 am, instead of a specific range, so every time it starts in quiet....
  12. Senior input on purchase?

    @Lgb0250 Im 66, and I love my 3rd mustang.Also previous bmw and import cars..... Just don't order the recaros seats. Order the premium seats with memory and ventilation. then program easy access. every time you turn off the seat moves backwards and you can exit easy, Also there is a lot of...
  13. Shelby CS 14 & CS5 questions

    @CSWC do you have pics of the cs5 in a 18+ gt in chrome powder? Thanks P.D. 19's if possible
  14. Ceratec Experiment... Does it fall out?

    what is the avg temp in the room/garage where the jar is?
  15. Something new for lower grill area 18/19

    I can't find it on ebay... link please!
  16. Still happy you bought a 10 sp auto?

    My A10 make crispy /harder shifts in sport...maybe was Lund's tweak.... in normal is "normal". I use paddles with stick in "S".
  17. Still happy you bought a 10 sp auto?

    10K miles so to go thru the gears with the paddles with the exhaust in sport!
  18. 2019 PP Suspension?

    Good investment...nice suspension for a daily driver...
  19. Gen3 Coyote CHT Question

    I had the same concern with my GT's. '18 runs hotter that my old '16.... Looks they run really hot after the a short spirited driving for a couple of minutes...Even at highway, were there is alot of air flow, oli temp, and cht goes above 220-230F