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  1. P1450 Fuel Pressure Sensor?

    Hello everyone, I have a 2015 Mustang GT with 44k miles. My car was built in June 2015. My check engine light turned on last week with P1450 (Unable to Bleed up Fuel Tank Vacuum). I don't have a warranty, so I'm hoping to self diagnose and repair. I cleared the code, but it came back on after...
  2. Advance trac disable?

    The advance trac is annoying you because the tires are breaking loose and causing it to kick in. Some better and/or wider tires may resolve a lot of this. Of course, I still have issues off the line with 285 nitto invos and mild mods. My biggest gripe is the 1-2 shift causing the nannies to kick...
  3. Roush Axlebacks + H-Pipe, too loud for daily driving?

    I have Roush Axelback / Heartthrob H Pipe. It is extremely loud to answer your question. Probably one of the loudest setups you can have. Sounds amazing though.