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  1. What's my 2020 base GT500 worth?

    Got a call from a dealer yesterday who knows I have a GT500. They have a 2022 GT500 CFTP in stack and wanted to know if I was interested in a trade. Since I have dealt with them in the past they will sell the car for little to no ADM to me but only offered 75k for my 2020. I told them I will not...
  2. Stolen GT500's from Flat Rock

    Hope this is nobody on the forums car
  3. What is this part?

    I took the driver seat out and replaced the bottom cushion, all went well but when putting the seat back in I noticed this small clip type part on the floor next to the car, could not figure out where it goes or its purpose, looks like some sort of retaining clip, if anyone can solve this...
  4. Sport seat indentation

    Had my car for 5 months now and this seat keeps getting worse. I am 6ft'1" but only weight 155lbs. I would think the seat could handle my weight. Should I complain to the dealer to replace it or is this normal for a car with only 2000 miles?
  5. 2020 gt500 dealers 2nd allocation

    I am waiting for my dealers 2nd allocation(deposit placed 1 month ago) was told should get the go ahead in December to place order with delivery in early spring. Anybody also waiting for 2nd allocation and what have you heard so far. Has any dealer been able to order more than one so far?
  6. gt500 purchace

    ordered my gt500, had chance for cftp but declined, now sorry, called dealer but sold the cftp one. guess I should be happy with base model.