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  1. dealer drilled holes for front plate

    The plugs really aren't so bad for a quick fix. I had no option at my dealer since the car was already on the lot and was the last 2016 competition orange in the state, so I had to deal with it and didn't want to wait on paint. The plug paint match is very good, and I stopped noticing they...
  2. How much boost am I making? (Log Screenshot inside)

    This is correct. The cool intake air is probably the wrong sensor since MCT and IAT are the same number. If HPTuners is up to date and this is the Whipple tune, then the proper sensor to log is IAT2. The latest versions of HPTuners stopped using MCT for some reason... at least in my case...
  3. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    That adapter is unnecessary. If you are going to change the VSS pulses per rev in the tune, you don't need any adapter. You can just wire the signal and ground to the tremec 2 wire sensor. Then cap the power wire and don't use it.
  4. **SOLVED** New here, issue that is very strange to me, please help

    Disconnect the battery until you figure it out if you are worried it will start overnight. If you wake up and the battery is reconnected, then call an exorcist.
  5. HELP steeda lca bearing

    I wonder if your shop tightened everything up with the suspension loaded. If you have anything with a rubber bushing left, it needs to be torqued with the suspension at ride height. I have BMR's LCA bearing, and a bunch of spherical bearings, and they are all completely silent.
  6. Need some help. My Mustang started making this really loud whining noise at idle and with revs. It then started stalling and gear grinding in neutral.

    Just a guess, but starter motor doing something weird maybe? Grinding sound could be from the solenoid keeping it engaged... whining noise could be the starter spinning at engine speed... if so it could cause odd electrical issues and will definitely get hot. Could also cause an extra drag on...
  7. Best E85 in Denver/Aurora area?

    Alta/Conoco tend to be the best. I'm not in Denver, but there is a Facebook group called E85 Colorado where people post their test results. Lately it looks like the Conoco at Hampden and Chambers is one of the good ones, testing at 85%. Stay away from all Kum & Go stations unless you want E70.
  8. T56 Swap input shaft sensor

    Lots of info on this in the big " Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550 " thread
  9. How to read the temp gauge?

    There is a PID for it, but what I'm saying is that it is a calculated value based on the CHT. Look in a parts list for a coolant temp sensor, it doesn't exist. For instance, with Forscan, you can probably monitor manifold pressure too, but there is no MAP sensor, it is a calculated value from...
  10. AC stretch belt help please

    I found that this tool makes the stretch belt installation a lot easier. It can be found cheaper on Amazon...
  11. How to read the temp gauge?

    The more important temp is the Cylinder Head Temp in the center display. The analog gauge is Coolant Temp, but there is no actual coolant temp sensor. The coolant temp is calculated based on cylinder head temp and a number of other factors. Cylinder head temp uses an actual sensor in the...
  12. Strategies to keep cats from melting

    This might be outside the scope of this discussion a little bit, but I've been curious how E85 affects cat life with boost. Target lambda with E85 tends to be on the rich side compared to pump gas. Does ethanol cool cats better? Does it affect the reaction in the cat in a way that helps the...
  13. Georgia BNIB HPTuners MPVi2

    I have a Wengerd tune. That must be new because he told me I had to buy an RTD+. It would have saved me $150 if he would have used my MPVI2. This was back in February.
  14. Georgia BNIB HPTuners MPVi2

    Wengerd does not support the MPVI2 at all.
  15. Car surging on cruise control

    The change in airflow is probably tricking the MAF sensor. With the car on the dyno, they didn't have highway speed levels of airflow into the grill. With no cover, the air flows differently into the airbox and through the MAF. Generally increased or decreased airflow is handled just fine by...
  16. Heat issues: IAT and CHT on 2016 GT with edelbrock Stage 1

    The best thing I ever did for cooling was the phenolic spacer between heads and intake. Makes the air/water intercooler so much more efficient by decoupling it from engine heat. I'm not sure if it will fit with the edelbrock (I have an old gen2 whipple), but I highly recommend looking into it.
  17. What Differential Bushings Should I Get?

    Looks like everyone here is recommending the puck-style inserts. Are you talking about full bushing replacements? I'm in the middle of that and I got the Steeda full differential bushings. After looking at pictures and the instructions, I suspect they are just the Whiteline KDT933's in a...
  18. Another false knock thread, could it be this?

    I did notice some differences between my stock tune and the whipple tune with regards to knock sensor settings. I have no idea what my tuner was using...
  19. Another false knock thread, could it be this?

    Update on my situation... I tried the band clamps on the headers with no success. Then I swapped the tune back to my own modified whipple tune with some changes I made for the fuel system, E85, and headers. Knock is gone. It was definitely in the tune. My tuner wasn't very helpful and I'm...
  20. Another false knock thread, could it be this?

    Do you mind stating who your tuner was who cleared it up? I was initially suspecting the tune as well since I just started using a tuner. Previously, I was running a self modified Whipple tune. The first drives with the new fuel system and headers were on my own tune and I don't remember...