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  1. GT or EB

    Compare these 2 videos show the EB handles the twisty stuff a lot better than the GT. An Australian car magazine review, Same professional driver, same day, same track. This EB can take the corners at a...
  2. S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    2015 Mustang EcoBoost. 2011 Ford Falcon FG Falcon XR6 ute (pickup?) 4.0 Lt N/A.inline six. 2008 Kia Rio Hatch 1.6 Lt. (Shared to teach my 3 x kids to drive.) 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 204 Lt 2001 Ford Falcon AU sedan SR 4.0 Lt inline six 1992 Mazda Bravo 4x4 crew cab 2.6 Lt gasoline 1988...
  3. Dashcams

    I can't speak for Cairns, But Cyclones this way in Central Queensland, we had Cyclone Marcia in 2015, the one before that was Cyclone David 1976, and hardly any hail storms, How often do you get hail storms in "the Great South East"? :) With Cyclones, we get plenty of warning too, to tether...
  4. Aussie R-SPEC launched

    Ford Australia's web page for the Mustang R-Spec; & Brochure:
  5. 2020 Mustang R-Spec

    Ford Australia's web page for the Mustang R-Spec; & Brochure:
  6. Race Ramps for 2019 PP2

    I don't know what they are called in North America, but I use treated pine sleepers, cut to length and screwed together 3 step drive up, The block of timber behind the wheel is loose and used as...
  7. Aircon stopped working

    All I can say, is the print out on my invoice said "found evaporator leaking, parts ordered", and the times and dates stand, a country regional dealer, you can speculate on the rest, as I wasn't there to watch them do it :)
  8. Aircon stopped working

    I was close, 2 weeks before the warranty ran out (my car was delivered 24/12/15), I had my last service booked at the dealer and asked to check the air con as it struggled, also I have asked the dealer to check this at just about every service I had over the last 3 years, my first post about...
  9. Media Launch Reviews

    The Aussie spec Bullitt review. Is that an EcoBoost grill the Bullitt is wearing?
  10. Mustang for Supercars next year

    Yep, much prefer the GT4, where the Mustangs are competing with the more exotic sports cars :thumbsup:. Like they are doing currently in the North American Continental Tyre series.:first: 2018 Sebring round; :ford: Mustang 1st, bmw 2nd, porsche 3rd. [ame] 2018 Mid Ohio round; :ford...
  11. Media Launch Reviews

    2018 Ford Mustang acceleration test :ford:
  12. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    What plans do you have for the carry case? Mine (purchased today with Chrissy present gift card) now located in the boot holds, Chamois, fire extinguisher, some tools and the factory air compressor ( I all ready have a spare wheel kit).
  13. 2018 Australia

    Back on topic. Is this the first Export MY18 Mustang to hit our shores? As for the first deliveries of the MY18 Mustang; “We are excited for the 2018 Mustang to arrive in Australia! We expect...
  14. 2018 Australia

    Every GT S550 in the world gets line lock, yes even New Zealand and there Mustangs are on the same boat as ours :headbonk:. IMHO, for Ford Australia, it had something to do with the "Hoon Image" it would portray, through the media and copping government, public complaints, giving it a poor...
  15. 2018 Australia

    So, Why change line lock?
  16. 2018 Australia

    Are we (Australia) going to get the line lock option on the MY18? Just because the rest of the world gets these things, doesn't necessarily means Australia gets it. It will be interesting to see if we get the noisy exhaust or not.
  17. Mustang v Camaro

    I reckon Chrysler missed the opportunity to have the Challenger here, way before the RHD Mustang was even thought of. The Challenger is supposed to be on the platform as the Chrysler 300 , so RHD was possible. I know I would have Considered a Challenger, had it been available a few years back...
  18. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Be aware of the oil filter. I have read that it is difficult to access on the V8. No problems on the EB :headbang:
  19. Aussie Mustang - Oil change warning

    Heads up! Supercheap have 50% off Valvoline oil this week end only. I purchased Mustang compatible (V8 & EB) Valvoline Synpower FE 5w 30 for $30.74 each. Limited 2 per customer. I bought 2 bottles ;)