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  1. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Drive back to Ohio was interesting. Got back last night. Had to leave the windows cracked a little during the rain through GA. But, we made it and it was largely uneventful. Didn’t add any refrigerant. Didn’t even buy any. I just didn’t use the defrost or AC. Today, I start the car and decide...
  2. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Back to Ohio may require the defrost to work. If it is low, I am considering a can of refrigerant to fill it for the way home. With the whining noise coming from the engine area when the compressor is engaged, I am curious if the compressor can make the trip.
  3. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I am down in Florida on vacation and started having some trouble with defrost setting working correctly. I also have a whining sound almost like a faint turbo whine that started at the same time. A/C is working intermittently and the whining sound seems to only happen when the A/C compressor is...
  4. Convertible Windstop

    2018 and still no love for us in the US. Has anyone in the US purchased one this OEM version? Going to Florida in November and would love to have this for the trip.
  5. August 2018 Mustang Sales

    Keep it clean please.
  6. Convertible audio upgrades

    Excellent!! Congratulations Paul! Wish I lived close and could request a demo. Estimate of how much lighter you wallet has become?
  7. Switched from Coupe to a Convertible Impressions

    Made a similar change myself. Agree with your points. Good review!
  8. This should infuriate every single Mustang Convertible owner!

    Before it gets out of hand... Please keep it civil.
  9. Brand new TSS opg and MMR sprocket

  10. Steeda IRS quick help, this doesn't look right

    Please keep this civil.
  11. Convertible audio upgrades

    Sub'd I am interested in this myself. I am more interested in leaving the factory head unit and replacing the speakers and adding a small discrete sub for more punch when the top is down. Nothing large or obnoxious.
  12. Other than BULLITT, what other Movie/TV car would you want to own?

    Any of the Aston Martin cars from any of the bond movies. Also, the Aston Martin Vulcan that was on Grand Tour that Jeremy drove. The Diesel Brothers have had a few trucks that I really like to have won in their giveaways.
  13. Ohio Thread

    Super! I really am only after the wheels and center caps. Had them on my 15 coupe, but think they may look good on my 17 vert. I live in Deerfield Township so we are not far apart. Hopefully I can convince her this weekend of the "importance" of having the wheels. ;)
  14. Ohio Thread

    I'm still negotiating with my wife about the funds for these.
  15. Ohio Thread

    Do you still have the PP wheels?
  16. BBQ Tick After Oil Change...

    I'm definitely curious to hear more about this as time goes by.
  17. Brand new TSS opg and MMR sprocket

    I realize that this post is a little older and perhaps you did have a photo with the required information. However, please fix the photo and make sure that it has your username and date on a slip of paper in the photo. Thanks.
  18. How do you deal with depression?

    Being active helps me. I suffer from very serious bouts of anxiety. I have been prescribed medicine that is only to be used as needed and limit my usage to only when it is very bad. Most of the time I try walk or do something physical to remind myself that I will be ok. What I have found more...
  19. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    I would like to have these gauges, but it is probably not a good option for me since it requires a tune. I want my car to remain under warranty and I am not sure if the dealer would take issue with this.
  20. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    Has anyone done this on a 2017 GT Premium auto?