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  1. Chips from blade decklid spoiler

    I might be wrong but this is not the oem razor blade. When I removed mine, the blade wasn't that long and was almost flush with the trunk. You should remove the rubber boots inside the trunk and check with a ratchet for any loose and just retorq the nuts on both sides. For easier repair, you...
  2. Convertible Rear Window Cleaning

    yes Stoner Invisible Glass and their pole for easier access!
  3. radio antenna

    go with Stubby! I'm very happy.
  4. Engine Bay Mods

    Thanks Cali !!
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Pete, Do you know that under this ugly foam insulation, you will find a beautiful horse? I know you have a 2016 with the blinkers as I have one too. but I found high heat tape and loom that can replace the factory ones. just to let you know that there is a safe a valuable option.
  6. California Special Police Chase and Single Vehicle Crash

    looks like freshly painted lines and the car lost its traction. But I do not know the speed of this poursuit but it doesn't look at high speed at all. Cost of this crash will be wayyyy more expensive than a speed limit ticket!!
  7. Engine Bay Mods

    Dear Steve, With all respect may you please tell where did you got our brake reservoir cover ,the radiator cover and lateral covers as well? I think your coolant is a Mitshimoto Francois
  8. Cleaning rear interior glass, how do you do it?

    check for the Invisible glass kit. You can't go wrong. The one I bought came with the stick, 2 pads and a can of their magig glass cleaner safe for tinted windows.
  9. Oil drain plug

    Thanks EFI! Will look into this on my next and second oil change next October!
  10. Oil drain plug

    On my side 2016 Gt Vert. I have the OEM yellow plastic one but when I googled th KX6Z-6730-b it says 2018+ and if I check on the net, many ford dealers refers to 9L8Z-6730-A which is a standard bolt with oring... I'm confused!!! Also on our Mustang 6G site, there is nobody ever talked about the...
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I like that idea! Can you please tell me wich one did you bought? There is more than 50000 at amazon. more than 1000 with 4 stars. I'd like to add 2 into the garage
  12. Exhaust Options

    As your car runs fine, check on the adds here an buy a used one! I did it and more than happy with my ford performance. I paid 350$ so was able to get quality at reasonable price. It might take a couple of months to find the model you prefer, but that way it will respect your budget and you...
  13. Canada - Ontario PP1 Struts, shocks, springs. $100 USD

    Stangtime, Is it a direct bold on for a 2016 GT vert?
  14. Is Scratch-X good enough to polish out localized scratches/swirls?

    Go with Scholl S40 or Sonax Profiline final you won't be desapointed
  15. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Here is my loved vert.
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Bought a Worx 521 to dry her once she will get her bath!!
  17. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    I'm sooo happy with the result !!
  18. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Here is mine. First ride of 2022 season this morning to come at work! Installed wheels this week end. Installed spoiler last week !
  19. Car Covers?

    Carcoverfactory satin. It does the job and has my vote! They ship to Canada !!!