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  1. 2020 Sync Maps

    Anyone heard when a new map update is going to come out? I am on NA 1 19 and there are a lot more speed limit errors in my area than there were with either NA 1 15 or NA 1 18. I updated to Sync 3.4 with Cyan Labs from 3.0 and can't go back to the NA 1 18 maps without down grading to 3.0
  2. Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach

    My wife and I were in Myrtle Beach on vacation this week. I noticed what seemed to be an awful lot of Mustangs around and did some digging and found out that this week is the 15th annual Mustang Week. I was driving a rental but decided to head over to the meet and greet today. I was quite taken...
  3. BMR Suspension discount code

    Is there one for BMR? Went on their web page to order the lower control arm K Brace and nearly choked on the shipping. The brace is $99 and they want $40 for shipping UPS Ground and it goes up from there for faster delivery. I didn't see the brace listed on any of the other vendor sites that...
  4. Manual Shifter Improvement

    For those of you that have not convinced yourself to buy and aftermarket shifter I ran across a very in expensive improvement. Energy Suspension has a shifter bushing for $14 that utilizes the stock bracket. It sharpens up the feel of the...
  5. OBD Code P04DB

    I decided to install a catch can that I had out in the garage on the clean side of the crankcase ventilation system in my Ecoboost. My plan was the same as my approach to all my other turbo cars which was to disconnect the hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake at the intake then put...
  6. Foose Hood Scoop - Pictures

    Just got my Foose Hood Scoop from American Muscle. The fit and color match is spot on just like the Foose Spoiler I had gotten for Christmas. I am very happy with my purchase. Dave
  7. Dipstick Question

    The owners manual for my Ecoboost states the oil is supposed to be between the lower and upper holes on the dipstick. There is also an area between the holes that is hash marked, it starts at the lower hole but stops before the upper hole. With an oil change 6 qts of oil brings it to the top of...
  8. Sound Symposer on EB

    The sound symposer on my Focus ST was a box mounted to the intake manifold with a diaphragm in it that would vibrate at a frequency that varied with rpm and load. A hose was run from it through a valve that the ecu controlled the opening of it then the hose continued to the firewall resulting in...
  9. Performance Package Dash Gauges

    Has anyone pulled the dash bezel and see how the two extra gauges in the PP are mounted. Also does the bezel just snap off. I was thinking I would like to cut a gauge cup at an angle to shim those two gauges so the are angled toward the driver for a more direct view. Seems strange they didn't...
  10. Are 14 & 15 TPMS Sensors the same?

    I did a quick search but didn't find anything. My son has wheels an winter tires for my Ecoboost but he did not have a listing for the 15 sensors. Are the 14 and 15 the same?
  11. Picked up my Ecoboost Premium Today

    Got to the dealer at 4:00 and there was a crowd around my car checking it out. By the time I finished the paperwork and having the salesman go through all the features it was dark so the pictures aren't great.
  12. 18 " wheels on Performance Package

    I did a search and didn't find anything so I am through in out the question. Just purchased a EcoBoost Premium with the performance package. Will 17" or 18" wheels fit over the larger brakes in the PP? I need to gets some winter tires.
  13. Focus ST vs EcoBoost Mustang

    I am considering trading my ST for a EcoBoost Premium Mustang 6spd. I finally got an opportunity to drive one yesterday and was somewhat disappointed in the performance compared to my ST. My ST has a Stage 1 tune and I realize the Mustang weights more but I expected the acceleration to be more...