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  1. How do you guys “winterize” your Pony?

    I just drive it once in a while. I can always find a 40F day here and there to take it to work. I obviously don't drive it if it's going to snow or it snowed recently, because there's tons of standing water and salt around, or they probably just sprayed the road with that nasty mixture. When...
  2. Speeding Ticket via Laser from Moving Cop Car Approachin me?

    Always fight it, then drive chill for the year or so afterwards. Even if paying the ticket isn't a big deal, once your insurance company sees that conviction for triples, you're screwed.
  3. Ecobust Analysis

    I found out last night that Ford actually changed the design of their 4 cyl long blocks to remove the "steam relief" slit that goes in between the cylinders, instead replacing it with a cross drilled hole below the deck. I guess they were having so many failures that they had to redesign it...
  4. Do we actually "need" an oil cooler??

    I agree with blocking it off/removing it on a RHD car, but as far as I know, oil temperature is actually an "inferred" value based on coolant temperature (which itself is inferred from a cylinder head temperature sensor). It's complex maths and it's reasonably accurate, but that accuracy goes...
  5. Ecobust Analysis

    Everyone in here is talking about adding too much power and boost when I see this happen more on completely stock engines. My buddy has an untuned stock 18 that popped its headgasket and scored cylinder #3 at 55,000 miles.
  6. GT vs Tesla

    I feel like it's an unwritten rule to make noise near electric cars to assert dominance, lmao.
  7. How light should the clutch feel and what should I look out for to see if it is Burnt up or slipping

    Aluminum flywheel is MUCH lighter than the stock dual mass one, so it allows the engine to rev way faster. Sounds like you're just fine.
  8. Roush Cat Back discontinued?

    Have you checked some other resellers? For what it's worth, the most popular exhausts for these cars tend to suffer from this out of stock problem pretty often. They make a batch, and it sells out pretty much right away. It's been worse since covid since stainless steel isn't as easily acquired...
  9. New Helmet

    I really like my Zamp. It's comfortable and of good quality. It's definitely more basic than the top tier helmets but for an occasional track day enthusiast or autocrosser they're a great option.
  10. GT vs Tesla

    A Dual Motor Model 3 Performance would wipe the floor with you (at least until about 100), so it was probably just a regular single motor model.
  11. Question - Roush Axle Back

    You'll like it way more. Stock exhaust sounds good, but there's no comparison once you go with an aftermarket cat back. The volume level will surprise you though (although not in an annoying way).
  12. Turbocharger blew up. Can anyone guess what happened based on the sound?

    Shaft bearing probably gave up, shit happens unfortunately
  13. Voltage fluctuations and deep sleep mode 2022 Mustang gt

    Oh the car spies too lol, unless you pull the telematics fuse.
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I do adore northern Arizona though, I spend a lot of time there in the fall and summer usually. Hmmm, that's a common symptom of VCT phasers losing their ability to lock onto the targeted setting when these cars are NA. But given you have a blower now it could be anything...
  15. Got my engine replaced for the 2k rattle

    Seems like you had a bit more than the usual rattle if you had a spun bearing, lol. The fact it started recently means it was in fact a different issue. My car has had the 2k rattle since new, no metal in the oil.
  16. 2021 Windshield took a rock and cracked

    IIRC soundscreen just indicates its acoustic glass present on higher trims. More expensive but you'll probably want to stick with it.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Looks great! Hate to say it but they probably unplugged your dash cams lol. Did you use an add a fuse to install?
  18. How to maximise mpg? Any tips

    I know UK gallons are a bit different, but these cars really don't do that bad all things considered. Skipping gears might help you a little, as well as upping tire pressures a bit.
  19. New owner - engine failure

    What's more important than anything else right now is that the Ford engineers didn't agree with the initial dealership assessment, which is why they don't want to throw an engine at it right away. If it actually has low compression in a cylinder (and we're defining "low" as more than 10% under...
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I wouldn't use it