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  1. Colorado Sound Tube Delete Kit, FREE

    Sound tube delete kit, ordered by mistake. Want to pass along to another member, so they can enjoy. This is the rare HEP edition kit, guaranteed* to increase HP while raising the value of your car. First person to respond gets it, free; plan to ship out, possibly as soon as this week. *not a...
  2. Colorado Pilot Sport Cup 2s, 2x305/30/19, 2x315/30/19, 18 Miles From New, $1000

    Set of four Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, removed from 2022 Mach 1. 2 X 305/30/19 2 X 315/30/19 Received the car new, with 8 miles. Drove 10 miles home and removed. $1000 + any associated shipping costs.