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  1. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Looks like this one just arrived and I saw my salesman posted it on the dealers Facebook page. They are selling it 10K over sticker, so $108,060.
  2. Help Me decide ?

    I will be adding the PP2 splitter onto my GT/CS as it already comes from the factory with the PP1 splitter installed. In the meantime I am wondering if I should leave the front end alone or wrap the lower valence area? Which looks better. Top or bottom?? Or the last picture?
  3. 2nd Check Engine Light @6800 Miles

    2020 California Special. 6800 Miles, first owner. First check engine light was for front grill shutters not operating properly. That was addressed, fine. The next day, while at a light, it started shuddering and surging forward. Then it stalled. Got an “intake runner manifold control valve”...
  4. Sport Gauge Display (Digital) Issue?

    Maybe it’s just me, maybe I have a large upper torso, it when I go through the three gauge display types, the first 1/4 inch of the Sport Mode Gauge is out of view. I’d have to lean the seat waaaay back to see it all. The other two are fine. It’s almost like the Sport Gauge is rendered higher...
  5. 2018+ GT/CS Side Scoops

    What is holding on the side scoops for the 2018+ GT California Special? Is it just a matter of slicing through the 3M tape and cleaning off the residue? Thanks!!