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  1. RaceChrono OBD PID questions

    I was looking for the same thing a while ago but struck out. I did find something that plugged into the OBDII but it used speed and rpm to determine what gear you are in so it only worked when the clutch was disengaged. I was looking for something that told me what gear I put it in before I...
  2. Hood paint bubbles

    It was actually contamination in the paint that was common in the early years of the S550. I think that there was a recall or service bulletin on it. My local dealership told me that they just swap out hoods when someone comes in to complain about it. I need to do that sometime.
  3. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    Yes but I don't think that the track has it so I didn't even bother investigating E85
  4. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    I already do. I love my car but I am at the tipping point here. Do I spend more $ chasing lower CHT temps and shaving seconds off my lap times? or should I just hold tight and enjoy it as it is know what the car's limitations are? Rhetorical question I know. I was planning on buying an M2...
  5. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    Whichever one is in the dash display.
  6. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    you know, the crazy thing is that my IAT was normal (about 7-10 degrees hotter than ambient). One of the guys who works at the track offered to let me park in their garage in front of their 6' diameter fan. 😁 I never did it but it was a nice offer.
  7. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    you know what they about hindsight.... I have a whipple Gen 5
  8. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    I had a track day today with Chin Track Days at Eagle Canyon Raceway. It was my first event there and it is a phenomenal track. Anyway, so far my cooling mods consist of a 3-row radiator (SVE I think), Harrop style air-to-oil cooler, boxing in of the radiator (probably better than 95%), Race...
  9. Is my Whipple dying? What is this noise?

    Before I bought my Whipple I did a ton of research. There were quite a few people on You-tube that had this same problem and all seemed to be the pulley bolts. Glad you got it fixed J17GT.
  10. Whipple/Coyote powered Tesla

    I saw this on Whipple's IG. I just saw the license plate. Did LMR build this???
  11. Leroy Tire Trailer

    I met a guy with a Camaro at the track the other day that had this Leroy trailer: He modified his hitch so that the receiver pointed down in front of his diffuser so you couldn't even see it when the hitch was out. The hitch was basically a "U" shape from the receiver to the ball. I think...
  12. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    I thought I would share my recent experiences with the group. My cooling mods so far: 1. 3-row radiator (SVE or Mishi- I can't remember now) 2. Opened up the grill as much as possible 3. Tracspec louvers (sides) 4. Boxed in the radiator approximately 90% 5. Harrop style air to oil cooler #4 &...
  13. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    I wond I wonder if you could do it with Forscan?
  14. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    man, I wish I knew about that Watson Racing kit. I just spent the weekend boxing my radiator in.
  15. Whipple gen 5 popping sound

    check your bolts on your pulley.
  16. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    When I had my front torn apart a few weeks ago I was contemplating this location. Did you ever think about using the oil coolers with fans on them instead of trying to direct the air? Also good call on the isolators. I have been working my setup over the weekend with the oil cooler mounted to...
  17. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    For some reason Harrop's US site doesn't list the oil cooler anymore. I was in talks a few months ago with their US team on how to make the kit work with the Whipple Heat Exchanger and Intercooler tank potentially in the way. We had some back and forth through email and then they went silent...
  18. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    I am in the process of doing an oil cooler parallel to the ground similar to Harrop's package. I have the large heat exchanger for my whipple so there is already too much in the way. Last weekend I modified the brackets for the heat exchanger so I can move it up an inch to make room for the...
  19. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    It looks like the louvers all have a different pitch. What is the thought behind that? Create a low-pressure zone with the first louver to suck air out of the from the rear louvers?