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  1. Intercooler degas tank-Roush 2650 SET UP

    you have an air bubble or something not working. You'll see it churning around in there instead of it just sitting still. With it moving around after we fixed it i see my IAT2 stay around 20-25 degrees of ambient air. When the pump wasn't moving the coolant my IAT2 would continue to climb...
  2. "Clicking" Noise When Driving

    Active grill shutters. I chased a clicking tapping noise back to them at one point.
  3. Intercooler degas tank-Roush 2650 SET UP

    Yes, i could see movement in my tank after i fixed my pump. I had to replace my pump and relay to get things working again last year. I now have an Aeroforce gauge in the vent to read IAT2 and Boost. I used a WIFI OBD2 with OBD Fusion on my phone to monitor IAT2 before that. That will be...
  4. Of these 3 mods, which one would you do?

    Agree with most of the rest. Just use your money towards FI. You'll thank us later. Don't sweat OPG as much as you are. Plenty of us running on the stockers with boost and doing fine. 12PSI and 20,000 miles later i am OK.... Just don't be a Honda bro and banging it off the limiter.
  5. Any way to fit a 2015-2017 steering wheel in a 18-22?

    Do you really want to compromise the one thing that could save your life in a crash? I'd return what you have and just get the right parts.
  6. Ceratec comparable

    Ceratec got rid of my noise as well. I normally don't put faith in most snake oils, but it does quite things down on our motors. 1 bottle per 5 quarts, but 1 bottle has been enough every other oil change for me to keep the noise away.
  7. Looking to buy 2016 ford mustang with SALVAGE title need your advice!!!

    I would run far away from that mess. You'll be chasing gremlins forever. If the winning bid was $10000 and it needs $16,000 worth of repairs, no way they fixed everything correctly for you to buy it for $13,000. No way i would trust that car
  8. Question - Roush Axle Back

    Roush will be fine if you leave the stock resonator in place. It will be pretty loud if you do an X or H pipe. Cold starts will be louder regardless.
  9. Preparing to buy my first S550, Need some advice

    I agree with the above. The MT-82 isn't as bad as people make it out of. The gearing for 18+ sucks a bit with it, but mine has been supercharged banging gears for 30,000 miles and its solid.
  10. Paxton Supercharger

    I don't get caught up in dyno numbers. Just data logs making sure she's healthy. Its just a phase 2 Roush kit with a custom tune, gutted cats/3in cat back, and some suspension. it works well for what it is.
  11. Paxton Supercharger

    I'd hook up a boost gauge so you know where you are at. Something is wrong for sure. My heatsoaked manual Roush has sent a few c8's crying for mommy
  12. VMP Odin Dying Issue

    Are you monitoring your IAT2 temp? That will tell you if your getting too hot post blower. Unless your pump isn't working and circulating coolant then i really doubt your temps are so high it would stall the car. You'd also be going into full limp mode when they get that high. I have a Roush...
  13. Valve seal leaking

    Was that just a replacement trans or was that a manual to auto swap? Still seems high, but would be more reasonable than just a replacement trans. Regardless, i'd get a second opinion for your valve seal issue.
  14. Tapping noise after oil change (not the tick)

    Sounds the same as mine before i started using Ceretek after all my oil changes. Haven't heard it since. 1 bottle for 5q of oil. I know we have 10q, but 1 bottle has been enough for me. Normally i am one to not use mystery oils or fluff type products, but this did work for me.
  15. Getting blown, looking for tips

    You should be fine. Just take your time and have fun doing it. Talk with @beefcake racing and you won't find better service or price in a centri style setup that will use your stock intake manifold.
  16. Getting blown, looking for tips

    Which supercharger are you going after? How mechanically inclined are you? Depending on most kits, they are not too bad to install if you have all the needed tools, a spare set of hands, and plenty of beer.
  17. Active Flowmaster Outlaws

    Didn't realize they had newer active compatible versions, but if they are anything like the normal Outlaws the drone will grind your teeth bad. Honestly sounds like driving down the road with two failing wheel bearings. It was that bad. I second the notion of trying a H/X pipe with the stock...
  18. Active Flowmaster Outlaws

    Question. Why did you option to have active exhaust if you were going to replace your active exhaust? You can't just buy flowmasters and still retain the factory exhaust. And take this for what it is, but my car had Outlaws on it when i bought it and it was the worst drone going down the...
  19. Drag strip tips

    Its one of those things to play around with for traction control. My last 18 that was e85/bolts ons ran a pretty consistent mid 11 time with holding the traction control button for 10 seconds or disconnecting the dyno plug under the hood which kills all the nannies. I would start with trying...
  20. Drag strip tips

    lol, i just noticed your in my town. Feel free to shoot me a DM anytime. Maybe we can plan a trip out to World Wide together in the future.