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  1. Project 6GR Rims R-Spec Gloss Black

    Hello all, I have a set of rims for sale, I bought them used a few months ago drove about 200 miles on them but now I am going with a different set up for my car so these need to go. 1 rim got scratched when I got the tires take off so wanted to let you all know 1 does have a small scratch on...
  2. HR856 is home!!

    It was a long wait but I am glad I don't have to check cotus a couple times a day anymore. My story was a pretty lucky one. Traded in my 16 tech for a 17 none R, it came in damaged and it was going take awhile to fix. My sales guy felt bad and just so happened they got an R allocation. He...
  3. GT350 / Coyote JLT Coil Covers and Coolant Tank

    Hey guys got these 2 items left from my 350 I sold. I am open to offers as well but I think these prices are fair. Let me know, thanks! JLT 3 Color coil covers, only on my car for a few months, paid $230 they are yours for $180. 2015-2016 MISHIMOTO ALUMINUM COOLANT EXPANSION TANK -...
  4. GT350 / Coyote JLT Coil Covers

    Whats up guys? I sold my 350 so I have these left from it. DIB, Black Stripe, White lettering. I paid 218 I will sell for $180, had them on my car a few months so they are just like new. Buyer pays shipping. Let me know. Thanks! JLT said they fit 2011 to 17 coyote and 350's.
  5. New 2017 Ruby Red Raptor

    I have a line on a new one at MSRP in CA, thought I would post here to my fellow GT350 owners who are looking for one. PM and I can give you details.
  6. Oil Separators

    What up everyone? Where did everyone order the FP separators from? CJ pony seems to have both driver and passenger side, Steeda's website seems to only offer one. Just wondering do I need both and where did everyone order from? Also, I see on Steeda's website they are not legal in CA? Is that...
  7. Someone is going to be very happy

    Just saw this today while getting my oil changed, my service lady took me out back to show me. Man those rims look even better person, awesome!!! Congratulations to whoever is picking it up!!! Lucky SOB!:D
  8. 2016 Lighting Blue

    Just picked this up today, NO ADM! :lol: I think this it tech pack like mine, only 15mins full throttle and it goes into limp mode. I already had the fenders rolled so I could fit those 20's on there.
  9. Redline Hood Struts

    So I installed my hood struts awhile ago, not sure if my hood sat lower before or after I put them on. I have a 1/8 gap of my hood sitting lower near the windshield than the front fender for some reason. It meets up with the fender about mid way down the hood. I need to see if I can adjust it...
  10. Finally Got Mine!

    Delivered Via Inner City yesterday! My drive home from work is through some awesome roads so it was a fun drive! :D 2016 GT350 Tech Pack Chassis # G2470