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  1. What is your daily driver?

    I mostly drive my Lexus IS350 and My F350. I live in NorCal up in the mountains, so when the weather is bad the roads get pretty bad so winter driving doesn't happen to much for the 350 but this year has been pretty mellow. I drive about 60miles round trip so the 350 is fun for half my commute...
  2. Upgrading to R, thoughts?

    They probably have, I raced AFM for 8 years back in the day. Car is pretty amazing on the track, I still like my bike better but that's probably because it cost about as much as 1 cf rim, lol.
  3. Upgrading to R, thoughts?

    That is where I got mine and traded my 16 into. It helped I was friends with the sales guy and bought 3 cars from him.
  4. Upgrading to R, thoughts?

    Santa Cruz huh, me as 2, well kind of up in BC. Congrats on the car! I had a 16 tech and upgraded to the R, well worth it, just wish they had Kona or DIB for 2017 but oh well. I got my from CA as well, ordered it from the dealer at MSRP did the wait for it and still don't regret it. Hope to see...
  5. What’s your plan when your warranty expires?

    Let me know what you decide, I am almost at 6k miles, gotta another 4 years or so before I decide though so I think I am good.
  6. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Nice man! My stock battery cant even handle a week of sitting and my car is dead. I need to get a new battery, having to jump my car in the morning with the wife's car is getting old...
  7. What’s your plan when your warranty expires?

    Mine is not so much about when the warranty expires but by then it should be paid off as well, then maybe a supercharger? :)
  8. Did you buy a Shelby and now wish you bought a Prius ?

    Unfortunately, I really wanted to pay MSRP for a car and not under so I went with the R.
  9. Why did you sell your GT350?

    I got an early 16 tech pack, didn't know about the cooler issue, I was able to get an R at MSRP so I traded it in and couldn't be happier.
  10. Motorcycle vs Car for Long Distance Travel

    Well, it looks like we did both things. I agree on a all the points you listed. I road raced for about 9 years, but man I would need to get a different bike to do a long trip. I ride my GSXR750 for longer than an hour or so and l am definitely ready to get off it, lol, might b because I am older...
  11. All New Shelby GT350/R Full Forged 7 Spoke Monoblock Wheels- Team VIBE

    They will look good on your car man :)
  12. 350R Front Facia Removal for Tow Hook

    I just did this install over the weekend, patience and time but its pretty straight forward. I have an R and took the belly pan and the front splitter off. I have everything back together except the splitter since I am waiting on the splitter guards from Zl1. Good luck just take your time, that...
  13. 1st gear popping out

    Happened to me a couple times but I am pretty sure it was driver error not putting it into gear all the way. Now I put in first pretty hard to make sure, hasn't happened since, just need to make sure im not lazy putting it in... that's what she said.
  14. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Oil Separators Well after 3200 miles on my R I finally got around to checking my separators after my first oil change, I would say about 40cc's? only in the passenger side, none in the driver side. At least I know where some of the oil goes.. lol
  15. Private Track Day Part Deux: October 1, 2018 - Thunder Hill

    Haha! I think it was... that is like the weekend before I get married, I am broke already. If I postpone the wedding maybe I will get divorced before it happens, lol!
  16. 2019 GT350 Confirmed

    Hmm I saw those same cars :)
  17. Project 6GR Rims R-Spec Gloss Black

    Sorry man sold a few days after this ad was up.
  18. Please remove

    Congrats on the car! I had one get into my 16 when I had it, I got everything out but the melted skull of the rat, I think that kept the rest of them out. When I got my R I had to get something to keep them out, my solution... until I can get a garage going.
  19. Traded my GT350 to dealer, wait is on for R

    I did the same thing man, the wait is worth it. Something about the R is a little more special for me. To bad California sucks for everything except some fun roads and pretty good weather. I got to pay tax on my 16, traded that in for whatever amount they gave me and got to pay tax on my R to so...
  20. The Force Is Strong"R" With This One

    So sick man, I love CF everything :)