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  1. Questions on Vortech 4FQ218-430JTB

    Does anyone have any experience with this Vortech? A friend is selling this whole kit and I want to know if it will work for me out of the box. What numbers will I be looking with the stock headers and the stock injectors? Will I require a boost a pump? Will I require a crankshalf support...
  2. Anyone looking for a Ford GT, GT500 or a Mach 1

    This morning I stopped by a dealer and seen all 3 cars in the show room. This is the first time I see a GT in person and let me say that it’s an amazing machine. Just wish I could have sat in it. They also have a GT500 CF and a Pro-Charged Mach 1. All of these are for sale
  3. Shortage or being discontinued? MPS4S?

    Has anyone heard if these tires are being discontinued or if there's a shortage? A couple of tire shops I called said that they are being replaced by the Michelin Pilot A/S 4 and other shops said that there might just be a shortage. The 275/40zr19 went from $303 to $368 in the last couple of...
  4. Project 6GR Ten (10) wheels question

    So there's someone selling these wheels but they are for the GT350, the front are 11 and the rears are 11.5. If I want to install these can someone let me know what issues I would run into if wanting to install on a GT. The tires for the front are 305/30/R19 and the rears are 325/30/R19. Thank...
  5. 91 or 93 tune?

    So I'm ready to pull the trigger on getting the RTD since the Ngauge cant be used with the 2021 Mustangs. I definitely want the E85/Flextune which will be my first fuel option but as a secondary I'm not sure, read some stories of some guys having to add octane booster to their 93 to make sure...
  6. Mustang winning at Laguna Seca after starting dead last
  7. Who's using an Ngauge on their 2021 GT? Lund or PBD?

    So a few months back I message Lund about using an NGauge on a 2021 GT 5.0, they said that I can use it but they could only provide a tune for 93/85R. They were still working on the flextune. I decided to wait. I message Lund over the weekend to see if the flextune was available for the 2021 ...
  8. Florida WTB Ngauge OBD to Ethernet cable

    Looking for the NGauge OBD to Ethernet cable. Does anyone just have one that would like to sell it? Let me know. Thanks
  9. Florida WTB 20' Project 6GR Seven or Ten in FL or any other 20" set up

    I'm looking for 20" Project 6GR Seven or Ten wheels that are 10" in the front and 11" in the back. Or any other 20" wheel that is 10" front and 11" rear.
  10. Are these 2 wheels the same? I can’t tell the difference?

    Is the SVE R350 and the Project 6GR Seven(7) the same wheel or are they different? It’s hard for me to see the difference
  11. SiriusXM Travel Link

    Can a few of you guys that have the travel link post a screenshot of the subscription screen. Dealer keeps telling me that everyone is having issues with the subscription and that’s why it does work.
  12. Got rid of the GT and got myself a real car!!

    Check out my new ride, GT sucked as it was just to fast, sounded to good and I enjoyed it to much so I got rid of it. :crazy: Just kidding guys, car is getting the APIM issue resolved lol :crackup:
  13. No gps, hotspot or XM services

    Hello everyone. I need some help with this issue. So I barely use the sync 3 maps since 95% of the time I connect my iPhone or Android to the car. This morning I had to go somewhere but I had left my phones at home so instead of going back I decided to us the sync 3 navigation. Well I couldn’t...
  14. Part #?

    I need some help locating a part. I had the Diode Dynamics 4th brake light on my 2020 GT but now I have a 2021 GT and there are some differences on the reverse light plug, the middle has been sealed so I cant run the wire through (see pictures). I contacted Diode Dynamics to see how are they...
  15. Are these truly SVE Wheels?

    So I was looking online for some wheels and found these wheels, are these truly SVE? Or did the seller just slapped on the center cap? The only manufactures that I been able to find that sell this style was P51 and MRR (M600).
  16. Any rubbing issues?

    I would like to know if anyone is running this combo on an 18 plus Mustang with performance pack MRR M350 19x10 front with 275/35r19 ET 40 19x11 rear with 325/30r19 ET 55 Thank you, David
  17. login?

    I'm unable to login into the new website when I use my 6g username and password.
  18. What tuning device provides Alcohol content?

    Wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I know the NGauge had this feature but finding an NGauge for a reasonable price will be impossible so what other tuning device has his feature? Thanks, David
  19. Tuning Device

    So I will be ordering LT header, full active exhaust and a new air intake. I went to palm beach dyno and notice that the new tuning devices dont have a screen so has is the data logging possible? Is a laptop require everytime you want to switch tune?
  20. Which exhaust would you get and pair it with what LT headers

    Need some advice on which set up would be best. I’m currently looking at the Corsa Extreme and the Borla Atak links below. Which company stands behind their product? Also what LT headers do you guys recommend for each system. Also if I change the exhaust headers and the complete exhaust system...