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  1. Ford Performance Blue w/ painted black roof

    Have they ever released this info for the 2020 MY or are we still waiting on that?
  2. Prices are on the rise......

    Final price of $73,750.
  3. Cold air intake upgrade?

    After the tune they add a JLT that adds a couple of HP
  4. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    This is funny because I went from a GT, into a Stinger and then sold the Stinger to get my 350. I really enjoyed the Kia, but have zero regrets trading for a 350. Stinger and 350 were second vehicles for me, so it would probably be much harder to live with daily. Stinger was extremely practical...
  5. Official Resonator Delete Thread

    Thanks for the recommendation, i'll hit him up. I work downtown so won't be that bad.
  6. Official Resonator Delete Thread

    Where you at North of Houston? I'm in Spring. I have my Lethal Performance X pipe in my trunk and went to 3 places this past weekend and had zero luck finding anyone to install it. The one place that would do it wanted $350. I can pay you in beer if you'd help me out.
  7. My GT350 Owners Supplement arrived!

    Mine was torn in the exact same spot. I think they just force that booklet in there and don’t care.
  8. Who built your 350

    Adam Stier for me as well
  9. Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    I bought my car on August 12th and my owners supplement just showed up today. When I called last week they said 6-8 weeks, so this was about right. The HEP additions to the package are a nice touch.
  10. GT350 Front spliter hardware part numbers

    I literally played this video and went step by step. The only issue I had is when I went to put the third Torx screw on each winglet (the one closest to center of the car) there was nothing for it to grip to. Rewatched the video multiple times and I did not miss any steps. So I’d say my splitter...
  11. GT350 Front spliter hardware part numbers

    You want W715060-S450B. I just put my front splitter on myself
  12. Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    L0183 is home and all cleaned up. Left off the front splitter for now since I wasn’t sure I can get up my driveway with it on. Bought from a tiny dealership in East Texas that gets one GT350 allocation per year. They are still sitting on their ‘19 so I think that helped me get a good deal...
  13. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    Hey thanks. Really enjoyed the Stinger, pretty quick and super comfortable to drive daily and while it actually sounds pretty good for a V6, I just missed the V8 sound. Prior to the Stinger I had a ‘11 GT500 and ‘17 GT with a Corsa Sport exhaust so I figured it was time to go with one of the...
  14. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    Deal is done, I pick it up on Wednesday. I’ll post pics soon!
  15. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    Hey everyone. First post here but been following along for a while. I found a 2020 350 Heritage Edition, sticker is 64k and I’ve got them down to 61k. Seems like an ok deal but wanted to see what everyone thinks? Thanks