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  1. GT350 R Splitter

    Where did you find one for $1378? I want a spare but I keep finding them for nearly 2k.
  2. Trouble finding oil filter

    I would NOT use CH11955, I'd only use the XG. The CH is paper filtration media, the XG is synthetic and provides superior filtration.
  3. Trouble finding oil filter

    I did finally hear back from K&N after waiting for a month for a very simply technical question - their reply instilled zero confidence in their understanding of the changes from the 2062 to the 2087. K&N indicated the change was reinforcement of the pleats as they were "laying down" on the...
  4. Oil filter shortage

    Fram XG11955 seems like a decent substitute.
  5. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Love this little truck. Built in San Antonio, TX
  6. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Getting a new garage (attached to a new house) In a few months, working on plans to make it nicer than the current garage.
  7. R Spoiler on a GT350?

    No more of a poser than the thousands of people with cheap fake R wheels.
  8. Trouble finding oil filter

    No, not a single one does. The K&N appears to have a plastic reinforcement tube, but they haven't answered my request for info, so I can't confirm.
  9. Trouble finding oil filter

    I reached out to Mobil1, AFE, and K&N to ask if their filter designs are based on FL-2062 or FL-2087...Mobil1 and AFE said theirs are based on 2062. Mobil1 told me flat out they do not offer a filter application for the 2018+ GT350 AND GT500. Based on the initial responses from both, I don't...
  10. RACE RED GT350/R Thread

  11. R Owners - Hunter Revolution for CF rims

    Are you guys just calling your tire shop or Ford dealer and asking if they have this machine?
  12. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    Any response from those that have them installed?
  13. Ford GT Ti Lugs on a GT350R

    I didn't. Stock 350R wheels have an insert (aluminum? steel?) where the lug face meets the wheel. My understanding is that the seat is conical, the ti lugs are conical. Could get the conical floating seats if you'd really like, but it's probably not necessary.
  14. Ford GT Ti Lugs on a GT350R

    I just pre-ordered a set of the Raceseng black ti lug nuts while they have their 15% sale. Closed end, unique drive making them harder to rip off.
  15. Production numbers

    Might want to go ask in the GT forum when/if production numbers were released for them.
  16. Production numbers

    There was no 2019 GT500, so just GT350. They came out October of last year, though they blamed the late date on covid, so perhaps 2020 numbers will be out soon.
  17. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    I think their current business model is stuff the hellcat engine into anything they can. The Gen 5 Viper sold poorly due to price - ironically ACR-Es, which started off around 130k or somewhere around there, are now selling for 250k+ preowned.
  18. How many liters have you had?

    86 Accord LxI 1.8L 90 Accord Lx 2.2L 92 Prelude Si 2.3L 07 FJ Cruiser 4.0L 06 TSX 2.4L 11 Mustang GT 5.0L 88 Toyota Pickup 2.4L 07 Honda Fit 1.5L 96 Viper GTS 8.0L 12 CTS 3.0L 17 Tacoma 3.5L 19 350R 5.2L _____________ 41.3 L total Currently have 16.7 L in my garage (Tacoma, 350R, Viper)
  19. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    Am I doing it wrong? My 350R is huge compared to my Viper...