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  1. 2020 Died suddenly won't restart???

    you should at least have asked for some extended warranty or something
  2. TINTING windows?!????... how do you stop window from going up to seal that 1/4 inch...

    I also have a 2021 you can’t stop that window roll down when opening the door. Your tint guy needs to use a heat gun to speed up the adhesion in that area. If you prevent the window from rolling down when opening the door you will damage the seal
  3. 22' GT Issues Not Seen On My 19'

    I had a 2020 GT Premium then switched to 2021 GT Premium and a few things changed. Are you sure that the TPMS are working on the frequency that the car is using. Maybe they switched it. I know that the APIM on the 2021 is completely different than the 2020 I had.
  4. TINTING windows?!????... how do you stop window from going up to seal that 1/4 inch...

    My tint guy used a heat gun to speed up the adhesion process in that area, when I asked him why he said so it doesnt move or peel when the door opens or closes. 16 months without any issues.
  5. Misfire Counts On All Cylinders

    I think your issue could be a tune problem. Just like someone suggested I think you should get a different tuner like Wengerd
  6. Start CarPlay?

    Because you enable it once but if you restart your phone and try again it won’t connect
  7. At my local dealer

    Buy it!
  8. Start CarPlay?

    I will take a picture of the software version. Hopefully the 2021 and over get sync 4 but that might be wishful thinking
  9. Start CarPlay?

    I dropped off the car for some warranty work and the dealer gave me a 2022 F-150 and it has the same screen size as the Mustang and it has wireless Android and Carplay.
  10. Ford Financing Question

    Hey I got the deal of the century
  11. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Looks sick, I think I will be selling my project 6gr five and get me some sve with the same tires you have
  12. Ford Financing Question

    I got zero APR on my 2021
  13. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Do you have a rear view. I'm digging this set up. How are the tires with handling and traction?
  14. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Hows the handling and traction running 295's in the rear? I'm currently running 315's on my Project 6GR Five with Nitto 555R and I starting to dislike the tire.
  15. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Nice set up, are those 19 or 20's Project 6GR Seven Wheels. What are your tire specs. Thanks
  16. Different color vehicle titles

    I feel like this car never left the ford plant or if it did it had another vin and the vin they are using is from a new engine. Original vin might be dirty. I check Arkansas for title status and nothing comes up.
  17. Different color vehicle titles

    No sales records, no odometer or reports. I say run. The vin that they are probably using is from a rebuild engine or something.
  18. Different color vehicle titles

    The vin belongs to a 2018 GT convertible base on this decoder