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  1. Why I am putting 10W40 in my Coyote Gen3

    I run Driven 5W50 and oil analysis has been really good. I'm a 1000whp whipple car though.
  2. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    There’s already about 20 running around that I know of.
  3. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    Not sure how you came up with that. all it takes is a k-member, trans cross member, an oil pan some headers, and likely an aftermarket hood unless you go to an aftermarket intake. A kaase motor is pretty big money. Considering the fact there's about 30 godzilla swapped mustangs just on...
  4. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    Absolutely. I have a F250 highboy I'm thinking of swapping to a 7.3 with a TR4050 trans. And I have a 64 fairlane that could definitely get a swap and make it a killer cruiser. Hell I'm contemplating swapping my 66 Mustang and doing a turbo setup. Just hoping to see the aftermarket prices...
  5. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    The Godzilla is quickly becoming the Ford LS swap of choice for sure! Quite a few Fox's and other cars out there doing cool things! Brian Wolfe's procharged Godzilla is in the 1600hp range and they continue to push it, waiting to see what fails. The aftermarket is catching up and it's proving...
  6. Wengerd vs PBD vs Lund, which is the best?

    I was between PBD and Lund and eventually went with Lund, but after having them two years I made too many changes and the cost kept adding up and I wasn't getting what I wanted outside of a box tune. Also not a fan of their transmission tuning. Turning off torque management makes for a fast...
  7. Best looking mustang ever?

    Always liked the Gen1's. I'm biased though because it was the first car I ever bought when I was 14. 29 years later I still have it, although it's been through several iterations and it's waiting it's turn to be built again. FYI, in the late 90's I kept the lights on for Autometer 😂 😂
  8. Beefing up a 10R80

    Hurst shifter for 10R80, then their side plate with buttons. I removed the Hurst buttons as they were momentary and added my own latching ones off Amazon. Blue button controls the trans cooler fan bypass and red button bypasses the ABS module to turn all the traction nannies off.
  9. Beefing up a 10R80

    i believe you're correct, shift and ramp times modified. I just really wasn't a fan of removing torque management. It ate up clutches quickly. I've seen very few mechanical breaks in the entire community. I think a pump or two, but that was from a converter going out. Mechanically they're...
  10. Beefing up a 10R80

    Interested to see how this turns out. I've had a coupe built transmissions by Midnight and they definitely hold up for awhile but would love to start doing the rebuilds myself. I have a spare I keep on hand at all times and a shelf with a couple valve bodies as well ready to go. I currently...
  11. Got a Mustang Wallpaper on your desktop? What you running?

    Hurst for the 10R80. Blue button bypasses the thermostat for the fan relay and turns on the fan to my rear trans cooler on demand, red button bypasses the abs module and disables all traction Nannie’s instantly.
  12. Got a Mustang Wallpaper on your desktop? What you running?

    I'm running MY Mustang on my car's desktop 😂
  13. What Dyno Tested "NA" Mods actually increase HP Above 500wp on 93 pump?

    Just FYI though, you absolutely can store a car with E85 for long periods of time. I have been doing it for 3 years. My car has only seen pump gas for 8 miles. The rest of the time it's been boosted with full time pump E85 making 1000whp. I'm gone for work 3-4 months at a time, so it sits...
  14. Wonky Exhaust.

    Absolutely my biggest pet peeve with these cars. I ended up getting them into place, then tack welding the joints so they could not move at all. Although now I run a fully welded exhaust from the header back. of course it only weighs 23lbs and isn't a pain in the ass to remove all at once lol.
  15. With all the recent talk of unplugging the "nanny plug", I wouldn't recomend it.

    This is what I use and have been very happy with it. Instant off.
  16. ESS G3X lays down 1104whp with a 6rib belt!

    :::::EDIT::::: disregard. I see now hp and torque are scaled differently. my fault
  17. ESS G3X lays down 1104whp with a 6rib belt!

    I just saw the DYNO chart. Horsepower and Torque do not cross at 5250 like they should. Either the correct factor is way off or the Dyno wasn’t set correctly. Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252 in the normal world. trap time will eventually tell all.
  18. ESS G3X lays down 1104whp with a 6rib belt!

    That 10R will be looking for a rebuild with extra clutches soon! 😂
  19. Fixed my 2018 GT's 10R80

    Richardson Performance has them.
  20. Fixed my 2018 GT's 10R80

    Did you have them update the new Valvebody solenoid shift strategy using IDS? I always update it whenever I put a valvebody in. welcome to the world of destroying 10R80’s 😂. I’ve been through several now. Probably $9000 worth. I keep a spare trans on the shelf along with a new valvebody at...