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  1. Drag Race: Mustang GT vs Nissan Z vs Challenger Scat Pack

    Those drag races would have been much different if they would have used the Challenger 1320 package. That thing takes off like a rocket using launch control. It is very hard to get it to hook on the street, but on a prepped track its pretty quick for a big NA car.
  2. Tested: '21 Mustang Mach 1 vs '23 Z Performance vs '22 GR Supra 3.0 vs '22 M240i Comparison Review

    I never really looked into a BMW before, but that M240i looks almost perfect to me as far as AWD, quick with turbo that is easier to gain power than NA, decent mileage and to top it off slightly less expensive than the way I optioned my 1320 (57k). The only thing I don't like is no cooled seats...
  3. Tested: Mustang Mach 1 vs 2023 Nissan Z Performance - Comparison Review

    Oh wow, I just got around to reading the actual C&D article as I just assumed the Z was slower due to the comments on this thread, but no it beat the Mach 1 on just about all the acceleration numbers except for top speed. Am I missing something, how did that happen with the Mach's power...

    No way, so it changes color under different light? I saw a sharp looking Mustang in that shade of "blue" on the road the other day for the first time, but it was a convertible so I don't think it could have been this new color.

    Which blue is that in the last pic?
  6. new computer

    I'm still looking LOL. I almost went with Meta PC, then Bottom Line Thermals, which seemed to have the best customer service as he anwered my questions almost immediately day or night. But they are kind of pricey and have an 8% tax rate. I then almost went with Skytech as they have decent prices...
  7. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    That may be, but have you looked into how much a cam install is for a Challenger?
  8. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    I don't know if its true, but somebody that knows about these cars said if they would have put the correct tires on the Z, it will do 3.7 to 60 and 118 in the quarter, which would make it faster than the mach 1, supra and even the 1320 (stock).
  9. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    Wow, I thought mods for the Challenger were expensive.
  10. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    So how much do you have into yours and 0-60 times?
  11. student debt forgiveness is back

    I'm actually thinking about it, but not sure what field to go into. I'm almost getting too old though at this point.
  12. student debt forgiveness is back

    So how do you find out if you qualify? I had been searching about it and it is very confusing. I have been a nurse for about 15 years and have been paying on my student loans most of that time except for a few periods I put them into forbearance. It almost sounds like I may be eligible, but then...
  13. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    Yeah, the last gen was much better looking but you can't deny the traction and speed it gets out of only 495hp d/t that mid engine. I wonder if the all electric model will be much quicker?
  14. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    Yeah, I watched a YT test drive awhile back and that Supra really moved in the twisties and sounded great for a six cylinder. It just doesn't make sense to trade my 1320 in this quick money wise I don't think. Plus Dodges new straight turbo six sounds pretty good from initial reports so I may...
  15. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    The Z may have been the slowest stock, but I bet it will be the easiest and cheapest to gain some power with mods.

    Wow, over 6 months. Did you order anything special or is that how long they are taking now?
  17. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    Right. I was thinking of waiting and getting the Z instead of the Scat Pack, but kind of glad I didn't now. If it was going to be around 45k for the sport model it would have been a good deal, but at 51k plus 5-6k markup, kind of hard to swallow. I think the other two are a bit overpriced too...
  18. Gas prices dropping soon?

    Why are eggs getting so high too? I don't buy a lot of them being single, maybe a dozen every couple weeks, but still.
  19. 2022 Mach 1 in new Mischievous Purple Metallic and Grabber Blue Colors hit the market

    I just did a mach 1 build to see what kind of price to expect and it came out at over 61k, ouch! And that wasn't even the premium trim. I did add some options to it like the 10 speed, different wheels and the Recaros though. It sounds like finance rates would be kind of high on them at the...
  20. new computer

    That should be a good system. A little out of my budget as I was looking to spend no more than 2k or so and I'm more of an AMD guy. They do look to have a couple that I was kind of interested in although you can't customize them very much. I was thinking of something like the Vengence a7200 with...