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  1. Texas Title & Registration

    Indiana is the same. Most states probably are. In indiana if u buy an out of state car a sheriff will come to your house and verify the vin. He'll fill out the paperwork and then u take the paper to the bmv. No charge. But they have 2 verify vin and make sure it's not stolen. Again that's indiana
  2. White Madness Cue ball shifter in orange with Mach 1 logo

    Engraving was 30. I want to say 164 total
  3. White Madness Cue ball shifter in orange with Mach 1 logo

    Perfect. I appreciate the help
  4. White Madness Cue ball shifter in orange with Mach 1 logo

    Just wanted to make sure I got the right one. It's the one for like $130 dollars correct. Not the cheaper ones
  5. White Madness Cue ball shifter in orange with Mach 1 logo

    Thanks for the info. I just emailed them. They look awesome
  6. White Madness Cue ball shifter in orange with Mach 1 logo

    Can u help guide me on which to order and how to get the same engraving. If also want the orange. But how do I make sure I get the correct engraving. I know to click on the yellow s550 button but how do I get the correct engraving. Thank u
  7. 2022 Mach 1 (non performance) Recall Notice - Evaporative Emissions Canister Inspection / Replacement

    It says 2022's but build dates of Oct 19th 2021. To March 18th 2022. No 2022s were built in 21. But oct 19th 21 had 21's being built. Wondering if any 2021's were affected
  8. Covercraft Sunscreen.....

    Yes there is no front camera. But there is a camera there. It's for the lane departure and anti-collision system.
  9. Winter wheels and tires

    I agree about the sizes mentioned. But with hp it don't matter what size tire he uses. He won't be going through 6 inches of snow. Unless he plans to use it as a plow.
  10. Owners kit typo? (Updated, Fp got it right)

    September dates are up today
  11. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Why would they say that bs. The 350 isn't manufactured anymore. A better lie would say not the mach 1 or the 500. Dealerships can't even lie well.
  12. What did you do to your M1 today

    Got windows tinted
  13. Should I buy a mach 1?

    They should take some off for the locking wheels. It's on the window sticker that it is included on the mach 1. So they are making you pay for that twice. And I've never bought a car from a dealer that didn't include a full tank of gas and detail on pick up. Good luck
  14. Sold at mecum indy

    Sold last week at auction for $80,000 with buyers premium made it $88,000.
  15. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Gt 500 add ons look awesome. Is there any added noise from the air when driving.
  16. Issue with mach 1

    I'm m4967 so hopefully mine will be fine. Still in storage so can't look at it today. Thanks for the info.
  17. Issue with mach 1

    Hopefully yours is fine. What is your chasis number. And what is the chasis number of the Cars with the problem. Thanks
  18. A10 shifting while wheel cut issue

    It could be set up like the 2019 fusion sport I traded in for my 21 mach. It had technology thar sensed wheel steer around a curve in sport mode. It would always keep it in a lower gear to have higher rpms so you could punch it coming up out of the turn. Like you would want on a road course for...