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  1. Time for a Breather

    Does getting a CFM Performance Breather make sense? Why yes or no and if so which one make sense?
  2. Nice Rebuild and Music

    Nice: Just a bit of nice
  3. No Clue Shift

    Can someone please give a step by step guide to the no lift shift? I don't want to grind gears and hurt my beast. Thanks in advance.
  4. Strapping in for Takeoff - Oh Snap!

    This is probably a silly question (my favorite kind apparently). On the outer side of the front seats is a loop with what appears to be a snap for opening up the loop to run your seatbelts. Is that the case and if so, without mucking anything up, how does one unsnap and snap it?
  5. Getting Tired - Spare Me

    Has anyone addressed the lack of a spare tire on the Mach1? I know that's pretty much the way most cars are sold today, but I would rather have a real tire than squirting some spoo into a flat tire to "repair it". Also, since the tires on the front and back don't match, how do you factor that...
  6. Tanks Alot

    Trying to understand the mpg. I know the M1 isn't a fuel economic vehicle, but when I fill the tank, the display says 180 miles until empty. Given that the tank holds 16 gallons, that means I'm getting 11.25 mpg. It it me or what's the deal here?
  7. Making Light of Your Back License Plate

    So, I found a simple simple simple mod on YouTube and thought I'd share it. It is a replacement of the rear plate lights. First, here is the link to the light being installed and shown "in action" : Canadian Cruisin' Plate Light And here is the part of you want to pick it up: Morimoto at...
  8. The Rear Trunk Panel and Flipping Your Lid

    I found this link to a Steeda part that seems like a winner for a simple "mod" that makes dealing with your trunk a breeze and wanted to share it. Lid Flipper
  9. Don't Know How I Missed It, But Factory Messed Up A Window

    So, in my blind zeal to take delivery of my Mach1, I somehow missed that the driver side window molding is messed up. AND, the only way to fix it apparently is to replace the window. The Service Manager has no problem or issue with doing the job. I'm just worried about the outcome and also...
  10. Small Gouge on Center Sync Panel

    So, I absolutely love the Mach 1 and the dealer delivered it without any damages EXCEPT the center console where the Sync3 screen is housed, either by the dealer pre-delivery of at the factor has a gouge and I'm not sure if I should just bite the bullet and ignore it or escalate and if so how...
  11. A Velocity Blue Mach 1 is Now in My Driveway

    So, after making my salesman and the really good folks at Ford Performance nuts for months, my beast is home. I am amazing, freaked out, in shock and oh yes astounded by what a fine set of wheels I somehow "stumbled" into. Due to unexpected rains, I haven't been able to take pictures. But, as...
  12. Ford Commericals

    Found these this evening and though I'd share them for everyone's amusement. Oldies Number One Oldies Number Two
  13. Singing the Blues

    My Velocity Blue Mach 1 arrived at my dealer's yesterday (the tracker said 5/1). I am freaking out like an infant. Here are the two pictures of MY car taken by my dealer. More to follow:
  14. Tips and Tricks

    I found this link on some "hidden secrets". I think, most if not all of them will apply so I'm posted them here and myself and anyone else that finds some useful information for the new user, might consider adding more links and thoughts. Secrets
  15. The Devil Is In The Detailing

    Silly title, but ran across a channel with a detailer that may be of interest. The question he poses is should you detail a new car? Pan The Organizer
  16. Breaking in the beast

    So, I really want to do right by this car. I've had a fair number of cars in 45 plus years of driving. But this one should be brought up right. I have some topics and questions that hopefully the more seasoned driver can help to expand on. First there is the RPMs and MPH and Odometer for the...
  17. Geeks Corner

    Full Confession: I'm a weenie with respect to automotive mechanics. Been driving manual transmission cars for over 40 years and just buying my first American car in all that time. Anyway, learning stuff here so thanks. I'm much more of a geek and gadget freak. So, I thought I'd start up a...
  18. Front License Plate Bracket - Sto or No Sho

    The sto-n-sho mounts to the center bolt that holds the front spoiler in place. The bracket puts the plate directly in front of the grill just above the front spoiler. It has been posted here "This places the plate so that it partially blocks airflow to the AC condenser/radiator. Has anybody...
  19. Front License Plate

    I loath the idea of drilling a hole in my bumper because in NYS, a front license plate is required. I have been researching options. There is the STO and SHO and there is mounting a bracket to the tow hook (assuming that there really is one). For either option, I would need the female thread...