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  1. May be entering the fray again. M1 available for '23 MY ?

    Been away from Mustang ownership for a few years and am interested in a M1. Are these as hard to get as the S550 Shelbys were as far as allocations and ADM is concerned? And is Ford producing them for the '23 model year? Not liking the S650 renders so far, but I have to say that the interior spy...
  2. Sold

  3. Tracking your order on the railway?

    Guys, I know it's been a while but I can't find the thread that had info on tracking your order once it gets put on the train? Anyone have that info?
  4. Just had to share

    In my internet travels looking for a Focus RS, I discovered a supercharged GT350...
  5. Ford website that shows all prices both retail/wholesale?

    I had the link but lost it. Does anyone have the link which shows the dealer retail, wholesale and holdback for all Ford models?
  6. Decklid panel part # request ???

    I need a new plastic decklid panel located between the tail lights. The one with the GT350 emblem centered on it. Can't find whether it's two part numbers or one, nor what the part numbers are. TIA
  7. I'm not schooled on the IMSA classes..?

    Watching the 24 at Daytona
  8. I am so NOT messing with this car.

    I removed the clutch spring, will do window tint, clear bra, maybe get rid of the resonators and that's it. There's really nothing left to do that will do a hell of a lot of anything imo. Tires for track days and that's it. Those who want more power, go buy a GT500 or a Hellcat. Otherwise you're...
  9. 201

  10. What is the criteria for a dealer to get a R model?

    Since the rumor is that only 500 will be available?
  11. Can we get all color combos here in this thread?

    There are some color combos that I (we) haven't seen yet with both the regular GT350 and the R model. I'm sure everyone here would like to see all of the color combos in one thread, with the same picture. Is there somebody who would like to step up who has some skills?
  12. Maybe time to change name from SVT to Ford Performance?

    SVT is no longer, just sayin' It's good to be a Ford fan going forward...:ford:
  13. What happened to

    It used to be the go to site when I was interested in both '12-'13 B302's and '13-'14 Shelbys. That place is dead now. How long has 6g been around?
  14. Will it have Nav ?

    Since you'll be able to get it with leather I figure it may be available with Nav but have not heard whether it will be or not. The screen in the show car just seems too small for the center stack...:shrug:
  15. Is there a S550 Mach 1 coming ?

    I would imagine if there's one coming that it would have a larger NA engine, higher end finishes in the interior, Nav, Shaker system and nice wheels etc. Depending on how it looked I can't say I would not be interested in it over the GT350...:shrug:
  16. Materials, Fit and Finish compared to the S197 ?

    I haven't been able to see one in person yet but I'd like to hear your thoughts of the fit and finish of the new Mustangs. Are they now starting to approach a higher level of quality like that of Audi, BMW, Merc etc?
  17. To avoid ADM I hope Ford does this

    Dodge is taking the lead on this and I think it's a great idea. Ford doesn't like ADM either: "After that, dealers will be allocated Hellcats based on the length of time they spend on dealer lots before being sold. This is being done partly to reduce dealers’ use of surcharges, which add to...