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  1. Said goodbye to the S550

    With prices of the S550 in the stratosphere in the Pacific Northwest, and the S650 around the corner, I decided to pull the trigger on a new truck. I'll never sell my 68 Mustang, and I'll probably wait until the new s650 and not the early refresh before I buy another one. I've been a Ford man my...
  2. Mustang Price increase (2k on MSRP and $200 on delivery)

    Was just playing around on the Ford build site and noticed that Ford has raised the price on the Mustang. My exact car is now stickered at 57K. Sign of the times, I guess...
  3. Possible OASIS report?

    Howdy all, Just picked up my 8th Mustang owned. A 2015 premium. I love the car and was wondering if anybody would be so kind as to run an OASIS report for me? Thanks!