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  1. VIP Price!

    No. Ford did not set that price. Ford has been complaining about ADMs, all of which are set entirely by the dealers. Even the MSRP is the SUGGESTED retail price and Ford doesn't "set" a sale price. Negotiation is always an option.
  2. Relocating to snow country???

    We made a similar move in 2015, from Central Cal to Boise. I had a new GT that was great in CA but sucked as a snow car. It was my daily, not a toy car, and that was the problem. We suffered with it through the first winter, with it mostly sitting in the garage from October to April. The...
  3. Waterless Car Wash

    I won't do any more than dust with Quick Detailer or waterless wash. That said, waterless wash is harder to use because it's less volatile and harder to remove. I have been happy with Griots' Speed Shine for many years. I just got a bottle of their Best of Show Detailer and it's much better. It...
  4. Do you drive with one or both feet? (Normal everyday driving)

    My Dad (who would be 94 now) always drove an AT with two feet. I often do since he taught me. I think it's an old-time thing, sure not what they taught in Driver's Training in the 70s. But it's quicker to the brake from the gas, and you can trail-brake if you are really getting after it on a...
  5. Sports + How to keep as default

    If it's a Premium, you can create a MyMode that is anything you want it to be, including Sports+ with Track Active exhaust if that floats your boat. My own MyMode is just Normal with Sport exhaust, nothing fancy. MyModes are sticky and stay set forever until you switch out of them. So far as I...
  6. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    Both of those are available in the custom dash setup on the Premium, if yours is that.
  7. Recaros vs cooled seats

    Part of the confusion might be the description of the 401a package on the window sticker would include heated/cooled leather seats. Those get tossed in favor of the non-heated/cooled Recaros if you option up. The discussion about comfort and body type is right on. I have short legs (30" inseam)...
  8. Look what I discovered in my 22! 🤨

    Looks like the CAI manufacturers are in luck.
  9. Morimotos new S550 side by side tail light

    Agree on all points. The tail lights are one of the best and most iconic style points of the S550 and probably the LAST thing I would want to change, especially for these cheap-looking pieces.
  10. XPlan Price Issue - URGENT

    In my experience (2015 and 2021 Mustangs) X-Plan is a bit under invoice. Not much. $150 or so. I haven't paid an "X-Plan admin fee." Your dealer has invented that. Doc fees are also a dealer invention but have become universal.
  11. XPlan Price Issue - URGENT

    I am sure this is later than you needed but your dealer is an idiot or is lying to you. I ordered using X-Plan last summer and had a firm price in the dealership 10 minutes after we finished doing the build. It was a little under invoice, which is what X-Plan runs. He printed it out and I...
  12. Horrible understeer

    If it's plowing you need more REAR stiffness, not front stiffness. Higher-rate rear springs and/or bigger rear bar. Conversely, softer front springs, softer front bar. All those things work to reduce understeer.
  13. MT82 Known Gremlins & Fixes

    Because anyone can file a suit. The three conditions are necessary to WIN the suit.
  14. 2023 Mustang Colors Revealed. New Vapor Blue Metallic Added

    Pretty tame selection. I am surprised that Eruption Green and Mischievous Purple turn out to be one-year colors. But nothing really pops other than Grabber Blue. Is the S650 supposed to be a "refined and grown up" model with a more "sophisticated" palette? Or is it just that we are heading into...
  15. 87...89...91..93..Octane ??

    Thank you. Sometimes I need reading lessons.
  16. Who else has an unintentional Garage Queen?

    Mine is my "daily driver," but that doesn't mean what it used to. No commute or work driving anymore and it turns out that was a big majority of my miles. So here I sit, nine months into ownership of my '21 GT, with 1,285 miles on the car. I had that many miles on my '15 GT the first week. It's...
  17. Atlas Blue or Grabber Blue to replace my 2020 Velocity Blue mustang?

    I am really glad no one is making me replace my Velocity Blue 21 because I'd be disappointed. I didn't order DIB in 2015 because it was too purple. Lightning Blue was a little boring. Atlas isn't terrible, but it's a little darker than I'd like. That said, I'd take it over Grabber every day...
  18. How many S550 Owners don't use all the Tech available to them in their S550?

    They work 100 times better on my 2021 than they did on my 2015.
  19. Impressions on new deliveries of 2022’s

    I have had a GTI, an RX7 and some other small-displacement sports cars along the way. Trying to compare those with my eight Mustangs is very hard, limited to "they all have four wheels and steering wheels." Yes, the Mustang is heavier than the referenced cars. It also has more than twice the...
  20. Impressions on new deliveries of 2022’s

    Sounds like his GT doesn't drive much like my GT.