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  1. I love it!

    A guy at my job does this every 30d or so. Making 2-3k each time.
  2. I love it!

    Dealers getting what they deserve for their crazy markups and greedy tactics! I hope all manufacturers follow suit.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Made an appointment to have the windshield repaired. Rock slung up from a truck and put a quarter size bullseye in it 😥
  4. I hate people so much

    I park way away from everyone to attempt to mitigate issues like this. But it never fails. Probably 3 out of the 5 times i park way away with many empty parking spots closer some jerk comes and parks right beside me and normally dang near on top of me. Sometimes i have to wonder if its...
  5. Shady shady shady

    Did you track your mileage? Also you have to specifically state they are not allowed to drive your car. When I took mine in in early 21 they put 300miles on it and i even speculate drove it home as they did body damage. I called ford directly and complained they told me unless i specifically...
  6. Wonky Exhaust.

    When I put my H pipe on I made sure I lined them up. But now mine looks like the pic you showed because I did a quick test of another style muffler and didn't like it so went back but was rushing and didn't take the extra time to align perfectly. its no biggie as I will be getting a welded in...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Opps never changed it. Sho you know I swapped under lemon law 🙄
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Had the 2nd oil change today. The tech before going into the pit came to me and said he wanted to let me know it is a privilege to change the oil in my car. I laughed as its just a GT premium. 😅
  9. New Recall for ECU Safety Issues

    Yeah seen that. But I an others have had some minor similar issues. It makes me question if the calibration has fully resolved the issue.
  10. New Recall for ECU Safety Issues

    I wonder if this will be extended to 21MY I once had my reverse camera stay black and twice driving on interstate traction control indicator started flashing multiple times both sessions.
  11. 6 speeds and 301A... why?

    Not entirely true. Normal to sport+ changes much of nothing but throttle response yes. Track will change throttle and nannie characteristics. And Drag will apply 100% of TQ to the rear wheels by blocking most of the nannies and optimizing launch characteristics. Snow/wet will have nannies at...
  12. New Recall for ECU Safety Issues

    Ah.. oh well. Glad they found the problem.
  13. New Recall for ECU Safety Issues

    Check your states lemon law. Most states have a 30 day total at dealership (out of service)law that once hit requires ford to either buy back or replace the vehicle. The 30days doesn't have to be consecutive in most states but total within the lemon period.
  14. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    This all depends on the exhaust and more so the mid pipe. Most go with an X pipe it on dyno gives a few maybe 5 more high rpm HP and it seems the trend is moving more towards people liking that higher raspy sound. Certain exhaust especially paired with an H pipe will give that old school deep...
  15. 5 New GT500 Stolen From the Flat Rock Plant. Leads Police on Car Chase

    Yep. Ford overly cares less as they will make their profit from insurance. What sucks is if any were orders or pre arrivals already under contract.
  16. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    Upgraded IC and a FP or similar tune and you'll easily break free with some spin turning and on wet roads in sport+, track or drag mode if a 6spd My GT does not break like that. Kinda miss that initial TQ hit. But one day soon I will be adding a PD supercharger.
  17. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    I keep hearing this better balance argument. It maybe slightly better. As previously mentioned. Coming from both with 20k on EB and 10k on GT. While I can feel the weight in the front it definitely does not affect my ability to handle curves including hairpin at a high rate of speed even not...
  18. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    I came from a 2019 EB PP magneride (non HPP but had FP tune) to a 2021 GT premium non magneride. Both 6spd My experience. I loved my EB but always felt I was missing the more I wanted. But wouldn't have ever swapped had it not be for mine being a lemon and coming out so far ahead in value by...
  19. Lemon Law Thread: How many have or are filing Lemon Law for their S550?

    While all states are different. I think in general usage charges only applies to buy back. Replacement is normally MSRP to MSRP. Thats why I went Replacement and actually came out way ahead. That said. Not every dealership will do a replacement and it will be upto you to search for one that...
  20. Lemon Law Thread: How many have or are filing Lemon Law for their S550?

    Crazy and sad to see so many there. Imagine how many there could be across all states.