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  1. Mach 1 Front Bumper - anyone making one yet?

    I want one as well(15-17), but I’d like it to be able to incorporate the fog lights. I purposely ordered the car with them because I need the extra light. I don’t wish to go backwards lol.
  2. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Can anyone photoshop the custom emblem from my 2015 Mustang P-51D Tribute car onto the S650 I “made” below? Plus add a thin white stripe on the outsides of the black stripes also as on my current car? I’m curious to see it.
  3. Have you and your Mustang influenced others to own one?

    I’ve always gotten compliments on my 15 Mustang, especially once I put the spoiler, side scoops on, then again after I got the GT upper/lower grill, custom deck lid badge and the stripes. She’s 7 years old and still gets lots of looks and comments. I know of only one person though who bought...
  4. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Here’s my “Miss Maggie”. She is a Daily Driver so won’t be put away for the winter months. Hopefully she will be more of a show pony in the next two years as I’ll get another vehicle for my daily driver and my DIY P-51D Mustang Tribute Car can be finished and driven sparingly.
  5. Mach1 front bumper

    Interested, following!
  6. I hope not - Autoweek: next generation is last ICE Mustang

    You’re correct. But that you and I are in the minority is only because we can see what the purists can’t. Did anyone think even back in the late 60’s that if Mustang survived to reach its 100th anniversary that it would be propelled by a ICE? Heck back in the 70’s when I was a kid we were told...
  7. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    Looks good! How much for the pair in Red lenses?

    Some new pics I took today when I took a drive to clear my head.
  9. Kustom Interior | Ford Mustang Custom Leather Seat Covers

    Different colors? Front and back seats? Customized stitching?
  10. Love Your V6, Always.

    Your cars a beauty as well! Understated is a good thing but she’s clean and looks like you just got it from the showroom floor. I too have Michelin Pilot AS-4’s on mine and it definitely ups the grip and fun factor. Thanks for writing what you did as the V6 Mustangs are not at all the derogatory...
  11. Love Your V6, Always.

    Thanks so much!
  12. Love Your V6, Always.

    051A package added power drivers seat, Fog Lights, rear lip spoiler (or you could delete the spoiler-like I did), and 18” Five spoke Foundry Wheels. I ordered mine that way. I’ll be adding leather and a better sound system/head unit and some touches specific for what I’m doing with the car.
  13. Love Your V6, Always.

    I’ve owned many desirable cars over the years, yet my 2015 V6 Mustang is one of my favorites. 7 years old and I still get looks and compliments whenever I’m out. She’s being modified, painfully slowly because I can’t afford to do what some others can all at once. The exterior is finished, the...
  14. Has anyone purchased the DYNAVIN head unit that replaces SYNC?

    I thought the system can use the mic already in the car so you don’t need to add that hideously big mic in the car.
  15. Show me your stripes!

    Here’s my 2015. Had a local guy do it for me. Been about 5 years now and they still look good. Eventually I want them painted on.
  16. Has anyone purchased the DYNAVIN head unit that replaces SYNC?

    It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. Also you can get XM radio and it has navigation as well
  17. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Some pics I took of “Miss Maggie” in the mountains of NY.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Took my car to an old airbase for a few
  19. Once you put your drive mode into Sport+, is there any benefit to putting transmission into "S" (besides manual shifting)?

    OK I have a question. Using the auto trans in S mode and switching to D mode doesn’t hurt the tranny, correct? I enjoy S mode but I will switch off depending on conditions or wanting to get more MPG. I just want to know if it’s okay to do that often. Can you just leave it in Sport mode instead...