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  1. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    I opened this thread thinking it can't be that bad. Then I looked it up. Man what happened. It's as if they put some aftermarket Camaro body kit pieces onto an S550 frame. I don't understand it given how much of an improvement I thought the S550 was over previous gens.
  2. Air filter advice

    Stock filter is meant to be thrown. The blue one you see us all putting on is the Airaid one. I'm not sure if any other brands make a blue one, but just get the Airaid. There is a Ford Performance filter. It's the Airaid filter but with a Ford part number.
  3. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    Yes it did. I'm not sure what that has to do with what I said about Ford not putting out Nurburgring times though?
  4. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    Ford specifically does not publish Nurburgring times, and has never published an official Nurburgring time for the GT350 or GT350R. There was a rumored GT350R time of 7:32:19 years back during testing, but again not put out by Ford. If you have a source from Ford stating otherwise I'd be...
  5. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    The Nurburgring times are meaningless without knowing the driver, conditions, and whether the track was closed down for a record or if it was on an open lapping day with traffic. You can literally be on the ring with a caged Porsche Cup car roaring down splitting the line between two minivans.
  6. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    You do realize those times you quoted are meaningless without knowing who set them right? They could have been posted by anyone. So yeah, let's not get ahead of ourselves when using the phrase 'lost'. And where in Nuremberg did a 350 and QV race against each other? Did you mean the Nurburgring?
  7. Tomorrow is the day

    Identical scheme to mine. Good choice.
  8. GT350 bumper and GT500 bumper compatability.

    I assumed it was to meet new pedestrian impact regulations.
  9. Weak battery or alternator?

    Curious if you had no soft codes also? The electrical systems on these cars have many soft codes that would never indicate anything on the dash or display.
  10. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Yes, both the 20 and 30 work fine. I'm not sure where you got the 1amp of draw. With the 20 I can leave the car sitting without a tender for 2 weeks, and start it fine and drive around. Even not as a track car the 20 is fine if you aren't going to be leaving the car for more than about 2...
  11. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    There have been multiple versions of the ReStart, some with less issues than others, but I only recommend the ATX-20HD (or ATX-30HD if you can deal with the fit issues). The ATX-20HD works fine. You do not want to disable the battery management coding in Forscan. Just get the ATX-20HD, charge...
  12. Weak battery or alternator?

    Yes, the smart charging system will vary the voltage output depending on multiple variables such as engine load or charge state of the battery. You can’t read into it if there isn’t an actual code thrown. That being said the stock batteries are only good for about 3 years.
  13. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Which battery did you get?
  14. Engine Revs When disengage clutch…please help diagnose

    It may sound stupid, but have you checked that the carpet isn't resting against the bottom of the gas pedal? One summer I was working front desk at a shop and a customer dropped his car off with a similar complaint and it was the carpet. Following that either Forscan or a dealer computer check...
  15. The ford performance air filter

    I saw some glue residue inside where the end cap is glued on but it was just squeeze-out and nothing that could flake or shake out like on yours. I think that may have been a quality control slip.
  16. Has anyone ever found the ANC microphone on their GT350

    I used FORScan once to disable the code for it on my R and noticed no difference whatsoever. I don’t know whether it’s even present or in use. It’s not something I would devote time to.
  17. Heel toe - what pedals

    My write-up on the SRP hex extra wide and 3/8 Hillman spacers. Perfect setup for the car.
  18. Antigravity ATX-20-HD

    You could probably mount the 30 if you remove the battery box, but I think you first need to decide why you need the 30. With the 20 you can still start the car after it sits for 2 weeks without being on a tender.
  19. Antigravity ATX-20-HD

    Whether you can say the 30 fits is a bit questionable. It sticks out the top of the tray and you have to leave the cover off, then put some foam under the hood so the top terminal doesn’t contact it. It’s not a good solution, and I recommend just going with the ATX-20HD.
  20. Tell me im an idiot for considering this... trade gt350r for...

    I think a new question needs to be raised… Who’s going to be the first to build the mini bulldozer kit I keep seeing advertised on this thread?