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  1. Supercharger....which one?

    if ya want max hp then get a damn kenne bell they aint cheap but they are the best
  2. black bullitt

    i only seen one but it wasnt new it was 2009
  3. black bullitt

    do you think its under 1,000
  4. black bullitt

    yeah i saw that i was suprised
  5. black bullitt

    does anybody know how many or about how many black s550 bullitts exist cause i cant find anything about it on the internet
  6. quiet magnaflows

    damn never seen that before
  7. quiet magnaflows

    whats the pipe for that goes across the 2 mufflers
  8. quiet magnaflows

    has your exhaust got louder if its stock? my stock exhaust has definitely gotten louder.
  9. quiet magnaflows

    oh shit i forgot that lmao
  10. quiet magnaflows

    ive always heard people talk about magnaflows and dont know why their quiet. just wondering why they aint as loud as other mufflers
  11. Exhaust Mods that is louder than stock but no drone?

    thats to much money for me to spend. my opinion if ya gonna drop 3k on exhaust and dont even get headers then damn son
  12. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    yeah prolly have seen either me or my grandpa cause i let my grandpa drive it to. i dont recall seeing any grey mustangs like yours but i see to many to remember lol.
  13. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    yeah same bro and shit we both from Cincinnati
  14. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    yall listen to this one lol. back when the virus first started and everybody was takin shelter staying home i would take my jacked up fast ass 07 gt out and drive around roads like it was a track and then i would take it on like this mini interstate i call it and i would absolutely pedal to the...
  15. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    i used to be able to do it everyday bro lol
  16. Trufiber A88 Heat Extractor Hood .. Thoughts and photos

    damn that aint bad. id never spend 2k or more then 1500 on a hood. it seems like all the hoods keep getting more expensive but this is a cool badass hood for under 1k
  17. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    i always find myself drag racing with buddys in a lot behind this old factory or in a bass pro parking lot or somthing at night when its empty. and reving the shit out of the mustang when im at a light and theres one them young chicks in their boyfriends lowerd honda or subaru lol. the ones that...
  18. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    yeah i do the same with the seat belt except somtimes i just straight up forget about the damn thing lol. and i really have a thing for giving less than a shit about the speed limits lol