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  1. How do the Nitto 555g2 handle in the rain in wider sizes

    I'm running 305's all around and they're great. If you fuck around in the rain shit's always going to get squirly on any brand of tire. Even in rain/snow mode if you push the car hard while its raining it'll throw it's ass around in a turn but as long as you drive normally you'll be okay. 110mph...
  2. 305 squared set up as a daily driver

    I'm running 305 squared on 10.5" wheels with no camber plates.
  3. How do you fix tears/cracks in the leather seats?

    My 15 gt premium also has two cracks on the drivers side left bolster.
  4. Auto 2015 Mustang GT Premium For sale

    The 15 a6 didn't come with PP.
  5. First Mustang 2016 GT Premium - a question

    Deep Impact Blue. 3.55s are great. You got a good car.
  6. what is the largest tire/rim setup i can fit on the rear on 20" rims lowered 1"

    Hey .Youre from fb. I was telling you your wheels were almost as nice as mine a few days ago. Lol