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  1. Measurement needed from someone with a Whipple

    Could someone measure the height of the unit for me? I need to know how tall it is from where it bolts down to the head, the the highest point of the blower. Thanks!
  2. Anyone With an Automatic -- SelectShift/Paddle Shifters

    How often do you use your paddle shifters? How do you like them, and how quick does the trans respond/shift when it gets the input? I am finishing up my Coyote/6r80 swap in my '92, and I am at a decision point as to whether I get the SelectShift working or not.
  3. Have you done anything requiring timing chain removal??

    I am in the middle of swapping out my oil pump gears for the billet variety on my 15/16 crate engine, and I have an issue that has me confused -- I am trying to line up the timing marks on the cam gears, crank gear, and the links on the chain before I remove the chains, but they won't line up...
  4. What made you like the Mustang?

    So, when I first saw the pictures of the real car, not only did I dislike it, I hated it. I really couldn't really put my finger on what it was overall. Appearance-wise, - I REALLY dislike the fog lamp area. The marker/turn signal above the fogs looks like a cheap after thought, and it is a...
  5. The "Camaro Guys" don't like S550

    I must have seen 100 people already on this forum and some other forums all concerned that the Camaro guys don't like the front of S550, or saying they like the car, but since the Camaro guys are "making fun" of it they to wish it was different. I am wondering why anyone cares what the Camaro...