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  1. Three 350 R's - Mecum's Eddie Vannoy Collection

    Mecum has the Eddie Vannoy collection coming up for auction June 3-7. 80 cars and tons of road art. The Vannoy brothers have a huge construction company, built 200 Lowes stores, road construction, own a mountain golf course, etc. In the car collection there are 3 350 R's with a total of 29 miles...
  2. LFG Black Stripes - IAH Area

    I was heading to the airport from a few days in Houston about 8:25 this morning and saw a gorgeous LFG with black stripe 350 heading towards the airport on Sam Houston. Are you a member here?
  3. Onyx MA60029 Indoor Car Cover

    Brand new indoor cover. New $169, asking $100 shipped.