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  1. Ohio WTB manual pinion flange

    I've got an extra one... and just over in Indiana
  2. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    Where you at in Indiana? I'm in Southern Indiana
  3. Texas El Paso local sale: IvanCRFs 2015 GT Mustang Aftermarket Parts

    What's the part number on the cv axles?
  4. Arizona BMR CB005 IRS Lockouts - $65

    I'll take them PM me what else you have also
  5. Washington Parts For Sale

    Do $150 shipped on the throttle body and I'll take it.
  6. Indiana Redline Tuning hood struts (2015-2017)

    Where in indy are you located? I'm from 2 hours south but I'm currently up around Shelbyville for the day.
  7. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    I did upload some logs they are in a zip file. Yes I'm 100% sure what I have I built the car myself as I do all my cars. Also the car was built and tuned over six months ago. It's ran great till the past month.
  8. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    I had to put them in a .zip file but they are there
  9. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    It won't let me upload because it's a .csv file
  10. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    Anyone any good with looking at logs for help figuring out what's going on with a car? I know everyone is gonna say ask your tuner and I did send them to him and they said it would be $150 to look at the logs to see if it shows any problems. Just can't see paying another $150 for 2 minutes of...
  11. Florida CORTEX EBC Boost Controller

    I'm assuming you still have this since there's been no posts and uts still posted?
  12. Hissing noise near the Throttle Body and Front Intake Manifold

    Hell my car is a 17 gt and the throttle body has been clicking loud enough to hear it without even popping the hood! Its been that way for over a year. I think its whats causing my issues now though so im gonna look into getting it replaced with a new one