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  1. Vancouver WA / PDX service

    Anyone have a dealership or garage in the Van WA / PDX OR area they like? I'm struggling to find anyone who can do the basics. Also looking to order some Ford Performance parts and have them installed, but several dealerships haven't responded back about that. (Yes, I could do things like oil...
  2. Ponies in the snow

    Anyone else enjoy seeing the rare sight of their car in the snow?
  3. PP1 tires in Seattle

    Hey all, Have a new mustang on order, a 2021 with PP1. Was wondering if anyone in the Seattle Area has a PP1 car and do you swap the tires to Winters/All Seasons in the winter? Or are the "cold enough" days few and far between that you just park for a bit on the coldest days and keep the summer...
  4. Removing all my DD bulbs due to poor quality

    I've lost all faith in their products. :frusty: Long story short: Girlfriend bought me the LED conversion kit (glove, backup, trunk, map light combo) Xmas 14 after I got my GT. Took over a month to received, after several emails of "Its shipping tomorrow, don't worry!" it only shipped once I...
  5. Dashboard / console / control surfaces

    Hey guys, So this is the first car I actually want to keep nice, so I'm a bit new to washing and detailing. I have a decent setup I think for my exterior washing and seats, but looking for information about to clean mostly the non leather surfaces on the inside. I'm using Megiuars Gold Class...
  6. RESOLVED: Diode Dyanmics

    [OP DELETED - Good response from Diode]
  7. Introducting Miss MoneyPenny

    First Stang I've personally owned, but my parents had a 66 Coupe as a kid. Was in the market for a new car after borrowing a Pathfinder for a couple of years. Got a surprise call from salesman yesterday morning on the way to breakfast with family. Car had been delivered and was needing to...
  8. Stock order in Awaiting shipment limbo

    Heyo, Put a deposit down last month on a stock order to a dealership. Looks like the car was built on 9/10 (woot) but its been on Awaiting Shipment for over a month. Anyone else have a similar circumstance or is this what I get for being late to the order party? :)