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  1. Trade in v6 for a gt performance pack

    Always relevant............Plus 1^^^ Good post.:cool:
  2. Trade in v6 for a gt performance pack

    GT remains in the lineup...........after 2020. Hybrid V6 Tubo AWD the for the Mustang. Fast ,performance oriented and another option for the consumer to choose. Lets add a new 289 cube V8 to the lineup at about 375HP. The 5.0 would remain as well. :gossip:
  3. Trade in v6 for a gt performance pack

    If you want the GT then go for it, if the $$$$ are not an issue. Adding 2 years on financing can be an issue though. I never extend financing. Depreciation is always a consideration factor.:headbang:
  4. Germany tired of Mustang

    That comparison is spot on. The Aston cues have always been present in the Mustang since 2015 MY. Is $100,000 plus really worth it for that BMER?:coolphotos:
  5. Ordered on 6-9-18

    This can happen with MagneRide orders. This is the reason i left it off, when i ordered my 2018 GT
  6. 18 GT stalled while driving?

  7. Three Weeks, 863.5 miles, Dead 2018 GT PP2

    Terrible. Sorry this happened to you.:tsk:
  8. Remain Stock?

    A second opinion from another dealer makes sense.
  9. Dodge unveils the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

    Plus 1^^^^. Marketing is spot on. They lease many SXT's as well. :headbang:
  10. Remain Stock?

    Stock on my 18 GT. Have used mods on prior cars. Decided to remain factory.:headbang:
  11. Ford Build Website PP2 Tires

  12. CEL........2018 GT A10

    Well , issue not resolved. Pulled a pending code at 726 miles. Reappeared almost 500 miles later. First code seen at 276 miles. I cleared the pending code once more. No CEL was shown yet. If it returns once more , i will leave the CEL on & not clear it. Looks like the MAF will have to be...
  13. 2019 Mustang - Issues / Concerns

    Plus 1^^^^ :headbang:
  14. CEL........2018 GT A10

    I now consider this issue to be resolved.......:cool:
  15. Grabbed a 18 Mustang GT

  16. 1,200 mile 18 gt engine noise

    I just want to chime in on this, from a non technical perspective. If there are no CEL codes , no WRENCH, no loss of power etc .Decide as the individual owner if a dealership visit is needed. I have decided for myself not to have it checked. If it needs the tow & is still under WARRANTY, for...
  17. 2018 gas??

  18. 1,200 mile 18 gt engine noise

    I have it as well. I had a 17 GT with the prior generation 5.0. This new noise was not present on that power plant. Its still currently on original factory oil. Just scheduled my first oil change at the dealership. My GT has slightly over 600 miles now.