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  1. Costco Tires

    Hey all, Anybody have experience with buying their tires from Costco? If so, how rough are they with mounting them onto your rims?
  2. Brake pad suggestions for stock non-brembo brakes

    Hey all, what pads are you using on your non-brembo, 4 piston brakes? Looking to replace all of them soon, need suggestions! (Anything easy to purchase in Canada is a bonus!)
  3. Switchback LEDs suggestions

    Fellow Canadians, what switchback LED's are you all running? I'm looking to upgrade the bulbs but not sure which ones would be the best choice within Canada. Obviously Diode Dynamics is a popular choice, but are there any places in Canada that carry them? Thanks!
  4. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back

    Anyone know if the drone is bad for the Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back?
  5. MBRP Race/Street Exhaust

    Anyone happen hear both and know how much louder the MBRP race edition is compared to the street edition? Also if the drone is as bad as some say on the race? Currently leaning towards the race because of the deeper sound, but don't want something too loud. :shrug:
  6. Anyone else awaiting shipment on their 2017 Mustang?

    Mine was released from the factory on the 14th but still awaiting shipment. How long did it take you guys from awaiting shipment to in transit? Ordered back in July and ETA was 10/1 but now that disappeared.