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  1. Shelby Floor mats upon delivery?

    By the way I would not obsess at all over the car cover. Its a crappy, outdoor only cover and the material its made from is so harsh that it will absolutely scratch the crap out of your car. I'll see you mine if you really want one that bad. If your covering your car indoors in a garage...
  2. Oil filter shortage

    I don't get this discussion about purchasing expensive filters and all this. To me this is very simple, the correct oil filter spec from Ford is KR3Z6731A and its like a $23 oil filter. We all drive $60K to $90K cars, if you can't spend $25 bucks on the correct oil filter, something seems...
  3. High Flow Air Filter from AirAid

    I figured its minimal if any performance gains, I think if anything the blue color will look cool.
  4. Oil filter shortage

    I just received a confirmation that they are expecting to ship the filter in about 5 business days.
  5. Oil filter shortage

    I ordered the filter and its giving me a ship date, so I assume its in stock unless they pull a fast one after the fact.
  6. Oil filter shortage

    I found the 2087 (KR3Z6731A) filter in stock at $23.30 + shipping.
  7. High Flow Air Filter from AirAid

    Just curious who is running the Blue High Flow Air Filter from Ford Performance that is made by Air Aid and if any significant difference that is noticeable.
  8. Oil filter shortage

    I show the right part number as KR3Z6731A This is the newer filter which is the same as the filter on the GT500.
  9. What Happened to Rumor Ford Would Produce a GT350 Performance Key FOB

    I recall several months back the rumor that Ford was going to issue a special Key FOB for our GT350s that would unlock more performance from the Engine ? I guess perhaps it was just that a rumor vs. something in reality. Just curious if anyone heard anything more on this.
  10. Cold start oil consumption

    OP, your not warming the car up enough. You should be at 100 degree oil temperature minimum and 150 degree cylinder temperature before driving,
  11. Looking for 2020 GT350 Owners Supplement

    thats not my car I sold last year.
  12. Looking for 2020 GT350 Owners Supplement

    where did you buy it at ?
  13. Looking for 2020 GT350 Owners Supplement

    I need to check and pull it out. My 2018 was lead foot grey regular 350
  14. Looking for 2020 GT350 Owners Supplement

    I have a spare 2018 Owners Supplement Package
  15. Are offers to buy your car from Vroom legitimate?

    I have sold two cars to Vroom with no issues whatsoever. They overnight you or your bank the checks almost immediately after their Carrier picks up the car. They are the highest priced offers right now and in my experiences are very reputable.
  16. Deep Sleep Mode

    I wouldn't worry about it, whether its in deep sleep mode or not, you just get it in it, hit the start button and drive.
  17. High oil pressure while driving?

    Normal, mine runs around 100
  18. When did GEN 2 service replacements start getting swapped in?

    Gen 2 motors seem to have more horsepower and flow more freely through the RPM range compared to Gen 1.
  19. GT350R Heritage

    I have one for $110K - 1400 miles on it.
  20. Which CoverCraft is the Factory Cover

    The factory cover is a piece of junk, I won't even put it on my car as all it will do is scratch up the car the material is so harsh and plastic like. I ordered a soft cover from Cover King.