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  1. Costco Tires

    Hopefully, I spent like 15 minutes on the phone listening to him going in circles about how he doesn't think its their fault lol. Apparently video surveillance captures "eVeRyThinG" and blindspots don't exist in his eyes. Wanna be my go-to tire technician? lol
  2. Costco Tires

    Im not sure if Discount Tires is up here in Canada, but I'll take your word for it! Manager denied responsibility, says their equipment wouldn't have done the damage but when I walked through the shop, it looked like pretty old and outdated stuff. I have no issues with Costco itself, just their...
  3. Costco Tires

    The tire center manager denied responsibility :facepalm: It's not the end of the world, but it is definitely frustrating.
  4. Costco Tires

    *Update* Just got my tires done at Costco, good news and bad news. Good: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 feel great Bad: They f**ked up one of my rims :facepalm: I expected a little bit of scratching on the edge of the rims but damn 😂
  5. Brake pad suggestions for stock non-brembo brakes

    Always nice to have backup. Any clue on what the part # is for the OEM 4 piston pads?
  6. Brake pad suggestions for stock non-brembo brakes

    Unfortunately no, I park in an underground lot and don't have access jacks. I had the brakes checked about a year and a half ago and the pads were 8mm in the front, 6mm in the back. Rotors were 31mm front and 25mm rear. I also drive mostly highways and don't brake too harsh. Would you think they...
  7. Costco Tires

    Thanks for the responses! I think I will go through with Costco, they have a Michelin discount going on currently so I will take advantage of that. What Michelin tires are you all running?
  8. Brake pad suggestions for stock non-brembo brakes

    During the winter the rears were squealing but probably because of the cold, but now the front ones are also making a slight bit of noise at random times. The occasional squealing is making me think they are due for a change soon:crackup:
  9. Costco Tires

    Hey all, Anybody have experience with buying their tires from Costco? If so, how rough are they with mounting them onto your rims?
  10. Brake pad suggestions for stock non-brembo brakes

    Hey all, what pads are you using on your non-brembo, 4 piston brakes? Looking to replace all of them soon, need suggestions! (Anything easy to purchase in Canada is a bonus!)
  11. Switchback LEDs suggestions

    Fellow Canadians, what switchback LED's are you all running? I'm looking to upgrade the bulbs but not sure which ones would be the best choice within Canada. Obviously Diode Dynamics is a popular choice, but are there any places in Canada that carry them? Thanks!
  12. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back

    Its been over a month with the Flowmaster exhaust installed. Kept the resonator and it sounds great. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it from other cars at the lights. I still haven't heard it drive by from the outside though so I don't really know how loud it really is. But from the inside...
  13. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back

    Tough decision between these and Roush :shrug: The exchange rate is pretty crazy right now too so Roush would be around 150 more than the outlaws. Do you think the drone would be worse on an automatic with stock gear ratio?
  14. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back

    Also, I would only have the Axleback, keeping the stock res
  15. Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back

    Anyone know if the drone is bad for the Flowmaster Outlaw Axle-back?
  16. Canadian Owner advice needed

    I don't think Canadians get the "Global version". The base model of any engine will have cloth seats as well in Canada i believe. I test drove a 2015 Ecoboost back when it first came out and it had cloth seats, while premium has the leather seats. Not too familiar with winter in Toronto but...
  17. Borla Exhaust on Kijiji in GTA....

    I was so ready to pull the trigger on Roush axleback until you posted that link. Especially if thats legit, S-Type axleback would be roughly the same price as the Roush :headbonk: Which do I go with now??
  18. MBRP Race/Street Exhaust

    Also which option do you guys suggest getting? Stainless steel, aluminum, or the black coating?
  19. MBRP Race/Street Exhaust

    On a scale of Prius to garbage truck (1-10), how loud would you say the street is? If the race isnt too much louder than street, i might just go with the race for that deeper tone.
  20. MBRP Race/Street Exhaust

    Is the race loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood at cold start? Thats what i want to avoid :headbonk: Also I tend to do quite a bit of highway driving, will playing music cancel out most of the drone?