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  1. Sync 3.4 version update

    Just completed Sync 3.4 version update from 21098 to 21194. Downloaded from Ford site and then copied to USB drive. Inserted USB into port under display and took maybe 20 minutes at most.
  2. Ford Performance Boss 302s Wheel

    Ford Performance lists the Boss 302S wheel fitting 2005 to 2014 on their site and also via email. Tirerack claims it will work on 6th generation. Has anybody used this wheel on their 2015 to 2021...
  3. Glove box light

    Could someone please open their glove box and let me know if you have the switch for the lamp on the upper left and the actual lamp. Mine is not there no switch no light. Thanks.
  4. temporary tire mobility kit

    has anybody had to use the temporary tire mobility kit with the 20" wheel option and run into an issue where the screw on end of the compressor hose cannot be screwed on tight enough to get a good seal and not let more air out? I have used the compressor successfully without this issue on a...
  5. FOMOCO oil filter versus FL500S

    Read all the oil change threads. Dropped the door covering the filter. Attempted to remove the original FOMOCO filter with a 30 flute type A oil filter socket from OEM part number 25400. It slips but feels tight on the FL500S. What am I doing wrong or is the original filter a smaller diameter?