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  1. CEL........2018 GT A10

    Threw a P0111 code this weekend at 276 miles . Cleared it . No pending codes presently on last check.The IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor is a thermistor that varies resistance based upon the temperature of the engine intake air. Usually a two wire sensor. One wire is supplied 5 Volt from...
  2. 2019 MY Order Guide

    This is the 2019 order guide. The new package configurations are interesting. Especially for the Highland Green Mustang.............. including an all new electronics package for this new 2019 Mcqueen Mustang.
  3. At a local dealership.........this arrived

    Just some pics of a Mustang GT Premium , Shadow Black. It was at one of my local dealerships. Interesting combination. How does the Midnight blue Recaros go with a Shadow Black exterior ?. Not a fully loaded Premium. 401A, 10 speed, spoiler delete & PP1 options. Sticker $49,380. Just under the...
  4. PP2...........starting to appear at dealerships

    A PP2 optioned Mustang at a dealership. They are arriving now.:headbang:
  5. 2018 GT........... with Twin Turbos

    Already a 2018 GT with .........Turbos.:headbang:

    Excellent quality products & fast delivery . I have purchased many times .:headbang:
  7. My new 2017 GT Premium automatic....HYPERION

    I just saw my Shadow Black GT Premium today. It was ordered back in late June, at the start of the Summer. Fully loaded 401 package , Yellow Jacket Recaros, 20'' Foundry wheels AS Rubber , 315 gears, Silver Racing Stripe, Shaker Pro. Almost completely loaded for an automatic GT Premium. These...
  8. Rear camera & high beam issue. 2015 GT

    My 2015 GT had a camera issue. Back up lines vanished and the camera was frozen in zoom. A error code was found by the TECH at my dealership.A program update was installed. Issue resolved. The left high beam would sometimes work or fail. The Tech checked all connects no problems shown . Voltage...
  9. 2016 GT/CS ....MODIFIED

    Already acquired as follows: Steeda IRS rear sub frame connectors, Roush Performance pedal kit, JLT custom painted engine cover, JLT catch can, Roush Performance coil covers, Ford Show parts custom GT/CS lighted door sills, & Ford Racing Sport catback exhaust................Installation for...
  10. 2016 GT/CS

    My new 2016 GT/CS automatic was completed on 11/13. It is fully loaded with the black roof paint option. It is now listed in TRANSIT to my dealership. :headbang::ford:
  11. High beam line , one side not functioning

    My drivers side high beam is currently on a vacation. I have been compiling an issues profile over the last couple of months. Parking assist at times, also has a mind of its own. Reverse camera issue, no white guide lines . My GT just went over 1000 miles. Waiting till April to appear with the...
  12. Steeda k member brace.

    Recently installed on my GT. Cost effective sweet upgrade for my NON PP GT.:headbang:

    What exhaust brand do you like to use?. There are many out there , with many variations in sound.:headbang:

    Some pics from the show . My 2014 5.0 was there.:headbang::cheers:
  15. New Toy. #InAMustang | 2015 Ford Mustang Videos

    I sold my 2010 GT supercharged Premium, for a 2015 GT Premium. :cool:
  16. Ford Racing /Borla sport cat back ......GT

    I am installing this system after much pondering , on my GT. I did not want to go 3". Is anyone using this system? Any drone?:cool: